Informatica Powercenter

4957 Duration 25 Hours

Informatica PowerCenter is a widely used ETL tool for building enterprise data warehouses. The components within Informatica PowerCenter aid in extracting data from its source, transforming it as per business requirements and loading it into a target data warehouse.

PayPal, GE, eBay, FedEx, EMC, Siemens & other top 100 companies use Informatica

As per salary details, Informatica professionals earn up to $130,000 per annum

Informatica PowerCenter is an extensively used extraction tool, conversion and loading (ETL) tool used in building data warehouses.

Its components aid in extracting data from its source, convert it as per business requirements and load it into a target data warehouse.

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  • Get started with the introduction, architecture, products and complete overview in this module. Overview with Basic Definitions Informatica Products Informatica Architecture Tools and their roles Folders -subFolders Power Centre I Power Malt

  • Understanding the introduction, interfaces, and tools of the designer, defining sources and targets and finally creating a new target & database objects in this module. Introduction to designer Designer interfaces Designer tools Defining Sources (i) Database as a source (ii) Rat Flies sources Defining Targets Importing from database Creating a new target Creating target database objects

  • This module lets you know the different types of transformations and the introduction & implementation of mappings. Mapping Introduction Source Qualifier Ports Mapping -Table to Table Mapping Flat File to Table Connected/Unconnected Transformations Active and Passive Transformation Source Qualifier Transformation SQL Override-Source Qualifier Transformation Mapping Source Qualifier as Filter Source qualifier to join Data Filter Transformation Expression Transformation Sequence Generator Transformation Rank Transformation Router Transformation Aggregator Transformation Joiner Transformation Stored procedure Transformation (Connected & Unconnected) Union Transformation XML Transformation Mapping Wizards Implementing Type-I, Type-II, Type-III and Mappings

  • What is workflow, tasks, tools, and connections of the workflow are the topics covered in this module? Workflow Introduction Tasks Workflow tools Connections

  • Here, you’ll know about different types of tasks, link conditions and how to create, start and monitor workflows. Command Task Email Task Session Task Link Conditions Event Wait & Event Raise Setting Properties of Session Task Creating Workflow Starting Workflow Monitoring Workflow

  • By the end of this module of Informatica Training, you’ll cover the advanced features of Informatica, parameters and variables of mapping/session and the target load plan. Incremental Aggregation Mapplet Implementation Target Load Plan Constraint based Loading Mapping Parameters Mapping Variables Session parameters Link Conditions

Course Completion Certificate will be given on the completion of Real-time Project work and the minimum scoring is at least 60%. Asha24 certification is well recognized in top  MNCs and IT Companies

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Yes, we will provide you the link from where you can download the required software. For Informatica Power Center, Oracle Database and SQL Developer with required data. Informatica UNIX Server access is provided until the end of the course which helps learners to understand the real time infrastructure.

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