Workday Studio

Why Workday for integration?
Core system-of-record for an enterprise
Proven integration technology
Multi-tenant SaaS model
Inherent understanding of workers, organizations, business processes, and approval workflows

Workday Integration Major Components
EIB (Enterprise Interface Builder) Created Integrations
Workday Studio Created Integrations
Delivered Integrations

Why Workday for integration?
Use the Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB) to build simple and secure integrations with Workday.
EIB gives you a framework to build your own integrations based on your unique business needs. You can use the EIB for both inbound and outbound integrations.
The integration is represented in Workday as an Enterprise Interface, which you must build and configure before the integration is ready to launch. You can design an Enterprise Interface by using either of these methods:
Wizard design method — Create simple inbound or outbound integrations in a few steps with the wizard, which guides your setup with appropriate options based on the data flow.
Classic design method — Create integrations by building an integration system and then configuring its components with the Configure Enterprise Interface task. This approach involves more steps, but gives you additional flexibility.
What is Workday Studio?
Workday Studio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that you can use to create complex hosted integrations.
Workday Studio custom integration systems are developed on your desktop, hosted in Workday’s data centers, and accessed by your production tenant.
Using Workday Studio on your desktop, you create all aspects of your custom integration system.
Once your custom integration system is complete, you then deploy it to Workday’s cloud environment, where it is available to your production tenants.
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What Is a Packaged Integration in Workday Studio?
A pre-built integration offered by Workday to a specific third-party application
Key concepts
Workday/partner relationship
Supports specific usage scenarios
Applicable to all Workday/partner customers
Managed roadmap
Treated like a product

What is Connector Value Proposition in Workday Studio?
Functional domain
Focus on the use case at hand
Designed for a particular problem
Predictable and stable
Enforce consistency for common patterns
Common starting point for complex integrations
It’s a product
Managed roadmap
Kept up-to-date with Workday applications
Always current
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