Blue Prism RPA Step by Step Guide

RPA Blue Prism: Step by Step guidelines to Beginner’s

Master RPA Blue Prism – World’s No. 1 Robotic Process Automation Software for a promising career in automation industry. Get ably trained with certification guidance in implementing virtual workforce and building efficient end-to-end business processes through AI.

As per Robotic Process Automation wiki ( In 2001, Blue Prism came into existence, a group of experts understood the scope automation in white collar back office work. They developed software that could improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the work. (Courtesy of Blue Prism Wiki).

For the fast forward growth in the MNC, organisation are looking at Robotics BluePrism as their way-out for better performance and more revenue.

In other words, RPA BluePrism can be said as a software robots (bots) that can mimic a human worker. RPA bots can log into an application, perform logical process and operation, and complete the tasks and finally log out successfully.

We are at the point where you already know to leverage trending RPA courses. But what areas of RPA tool should you focus on?

What is Blue Prism automation tool? How apply for Blue Prism certification?

How can you ensure that what you are doing will work in the future?

To shed some light on where Robotics Blue Prism is headed, I’ve gathered data on salary, trends.

Blue Prism UiPath Trend
Blue Prism UiPath Trend (Courtesy by:

The above data is as per Google trends. It is very clear that the Blue Prism has fair stability in market but Uipath is trending in market.

Now, let us quick look at the salary stat as per Simplyhired com, on an average RPA Blue Prism jobs is USD 73000.00 per year.


Salaries RPA
Salaries RPA

Courtesy by:

So, you might be surprised automation came to into market in 90s. But you would focus on RPA for better growth.

Now, we will share main component of Blue Prism tool.

Blue prism has 2 major components from developer point of view,

  1. Process Studio
  2. Object Studio

Let us quick look at these,

In Object Studio, a developer or analyst creates Visual Business Object (VBO) graphically – without writing code. VBO are used to interact with other applications.

In Object Studio, we have another important functionality called as Application Modeller, Application modeller is used to create application models with Object Studio. This exposes the UI elements of the target application to the Blue Prism program.

In Process Studio, a developer defines the steps in the robot’s process. Each step in a process involves actions in business objects to interact with an application.

This is can be interpreted as, a process acts like a human user accessing each application to carry out the business process.

To store business objects, processes and other information, Blue Prism uses SQL Server database. Hence Blue Prism, designed on dotnet frame work, sit on SQL server database.

Similarity and difference in Process studio and object studio;

  • Object Studio offers additional stage which are not present in Process Studio
  • Object Studio does not have a Main Page, but it has 2 default pages
  • Pages are organized as a flat group instead of hierarchy like in the Process Studio

Benefits of RPA Blue Prism

Robotic process automation is helping organizations get transformed by enabling their:

  • Better customer care
  • Ensuring compliance and consistency in their regular process meet the standards
  • Allowing processes to be completed much more rapidly
  • Provide a scalable approach to the process, as a new service can be easily be deployed
  • The digital workforce is designed, which does not need rest. It works 24*7 without a break
  • Creating cost savings for manual and repetitive tasks.

Well, of course we have understood the advantages of RPA.

But the Real question is – What are the applications of RPA?

Application of RPA

  1. Customer services: RPA can automate manual repetitive tasks, like verifying e-signatures, uploading scanned documents and verifying information.
  2. Accounting: Creating reports, bill, invoices for general accounting
  3. Financial services: Organization involved in foreign exchange payments, automating account opening and closing, are heavily dependent on manual task hence uses RPA
  4. Human resources: RPA Blue Prism can help HR activities, including on boarding and off boarding, updating employee information and timesheet submission processes.

Having understood the application of RPA. Let’s take a closer look at a case study.

Before this, let us quick look into the most frequently asked questions,

From where to apply for the Blue Prism certification and what is the cost?

You can directly apply from Pearson Vue ( and get your portal ID go to Blue Prism portal ( For more information, check out Prism certification blog

Case Study of the Co-operative Bank

The Co-operative Bank plc is a retail and commercial bank in United Kingdom.

Company Objectives
The company objectives are as follows:

  1. Improve customer service by improving the speed and accuracy
  2. Save salaries in first 12 months

To address these goals, the company started using Blue Prism to automate processes within their organization.

Their first step was to identify the relevant processes for automation. The main criteria was to identify the most labour intensive processes. Finally, bank identified 10 processes in total.

Problems Faced by The Company
Before The Co-operative bank started using Blue Prism, the team spends lot of time with long, time consuming and repetitive manual task.

The Co-operative bank obviously started using Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce to automate 10 processes.

Business Impact
Result of RPA Blue Prism,

  1. 10 processes identified and automated within 12 months
  2. Audit conducted in 1 minute with automation versus 6-7 hours manually
  3. Rapid ROI – individual projects paid for in less than 3 months
  4. Improved levels of customer service
  5. Significate improvements in speed

Companies using Blue Prism
Many organisation has partnered with Blue prism for their operations. For your information, below are some of the top-MNC using Blue Prism,

  1. IBM
  2. Accenture
  3. Cognizant
  4. Genpact
  5. Deloitte.
  6. EY Building a better working work

So the real question isn’t “What is Blue Prism?”.. it’s whether or not RPA is really your career path.

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