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What You'll gain

Comprehensive understanding of RPA and its working prinipals
Workflow and life cycle of RPA using UiPath
Automate business processes like Citrix application, Desktop application and Windows applications
Master User Events, Recorder and Scraping methods
Real-time hands-on exposure to UiPath solutions
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  • Introduction to RPA
  • RPA Growth trends
  • Different RPA tools
  • Components of Automation Anywhere
  • Overview of Web control room
  • Different types of Users
  • Bot Creator and Bot Runner
  • Task Bot
  • Meta Bot
  • IQ Bot
  • Screen Recorder
  • Web Recorder
  • Smart Recorder
  • Variables
  • Properties, Schedule & Trigger
  • Read from CSV/Text
  • Excel Manipulation
  • Loop Command
  • Data Extraction
  • Database Automation
  • Files & Folders
  • String Operation
  • If-Else Condition
  • Email Automation
  • Logging
  • Log Viewer
  • Exception Handling
  • Recover & Resume
  • Image Recognition
  • Object Cloning
  • PDF Integration
  • FTP
  • Terminal Emulator
  • XML & Web Service
  • Concepts and Working

RPA Course Description

As such, there is no prerequisite. The tool is a simple drag and drop with a set of blocks in the automation process.

But to master the course, you must have a basic understanding of flowchart and logical understanding of the project.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is automating processes across multiple business application. It can be intelligently be trained to analyze large amounts of data from software processes and translate them to trigger for new actions, responses, and communication with other systems.

RPA is described as a software development toolkit that allows engineers to quickly create software robots (knows as ‘Bots’) to automate rules-driven business processes.

At the core, an RPA system imitates human interventions that interact with internal IT systems. It is a non-invasive application that requires minimum integration with the existing IT setup while delivering productivity by replacing human effort to complete the task.

It is a well-known factor that Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is well-structured software which can equate the action of any human user. The actions are performed on a PC so that there can automate business processes, which is considered highly repetitive and rule-based.

Automation is precisely considered a technique which makes devices i.e. a system or a process to operate automatically. The automation consists of macro recorders, application level macro recorders, robotic process automation, and business process automation.

Automation Anywhere, in this context, is regarded as the popular RPA vendor which offers user-friendly and powerful RPA capabilities where one can automate any complex task. It is considered as an uprising technology which can change the way the enterprise operates. Automation Anywhere combines the conventional RPA with the intellectual elements like the natural language reading and understanding of the unstructured data.

The software makes sure that the organizations can automate the processes that are done by humans. It is highly considered as a web-based management system which avails the control room, in order to run the automated tasks. This tool can also automate the end to end business operations for organizations.

The architecture of Automation Anywhere comprises of 3 main components

  1. Control Room
  2. Bot Creator
  3. Bot Runner

Control Room: Since this is a web-based platform which controls Automation Anywhere, it is actually the server which controls Automation Anywhere bots. The control room also deals with the user management and dashboard where there is complete analytics of the Automation Anywhere bots. It can be seen as to how many bots are running and if there is a control of the failed or passed bots.

The control room also deals with the source control where the code of the bots is said to be managed by the control rooms so that it becomes easy to share the code across different systems. There is also license management where the bought licenses for the Automation Anywhere are configured properly in the control room. When talking about 2 types of licenses in the Automation Anywhere, it extensively comprises of Dev License where if one gets this license, they can create the bot, edit and run the bot. Through the Run License, one can run the bot but cannot make any changes.

Bot Creator:  In order to create bots, the developers use desktop based applications. The dev licenses are checked where it is configured in the control room. Once it is authenticated, the code of the created bots is stored in the control room. There are different individual tasks/bots created by different developers but those bots can be merged and executed in one go.

Bot Runner: The Bot Runner comprises a machine where you can run the bot. There can be multiple bots which can run in parallel. There is only a requirement of a run license in order to run the bot. The bots then report it back to the execution pass/fail/logs status to the control room.

Other important aspects of Automation Anywhere includes

BOT Farm

This is integrated with Automation Anywhere Enterprise. There can be a creation of multiple bots through this. The bots can also be given on a rental basis.

BOT insights

This tool showcases display graphs and statistics in order to analyze the performances of each and every bot in the system. There can also be a calculation of time which has been saved because of the automation process.


Bot store is nothing but a first in itself digital workforce marketplace. There can be a lot of pre-built bots found over here which is for every type of business automation.

The types of Automation Bots include:

Task Bots:

These bots are such which automate the repetitive rule-based task in most of the areas like HR, document administration, IT services, claims management, etc. Because of this, there is an immediate improvement in error reduction, productivity, and saving of cost.

Meta Bots:

Meta bots are considered as the automation building blocks which is designed in such a manner that, if there are any changes or application updates, there is only required of minimal edits in the bots. The changes are automatically applied to any of the processes which utilize that bot.


This is considered as an advanced tool which can learn on its own and then perform the task accordingly. IQ Bot comprises automation which uses a high level of advanced cognitive technology. The concept which the bot works on comprises of organizing an unstructured data and also improving the skills and performances.

The prime features of Automation Anywhere include:

  • This is intelligent automation which is especially used for business and IT tasks
  • There is a use of SMART Automation Technology
  • There is rapid automation of complicated and complex tasks.
  • The automation tasks are created like recording mouse strokes and keyboard clicks
  • There can be a distribution of tasks to multiple computers.

Automation Anywhere is highly used in accounting for invoice processing, auditing, reporting, etc., in HR for Email notifications, populating, automating tasks, etc., in sales for adding, modifying and deleting customer data into CRM and creating and printing invoices, etc.

Since the market of RPA is growing tremendously, it is estimated that more than 3 million positions will be available by 2019 in the robotics and automation manufacturing. As per, the annual salary of Automation Anywhere certified professional is around $75,000.

Since this program is CODE FREE, literally anyone can learn it with Automation Anywhere tutorials without any precise coding knowledge.  Be it marketing specialists, operating experts, or digital marketing professionals who have primary knowledge of programming, anyone can take up this course and get Automation Anywhere Certification. Engineers, who want to take up a career in Robotic Process Automation, can go ahead and learn-automation

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