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Terms Of Use

Before entering into the website, request you to read the complete Terms carefully, which guides you to go through this Asha24 in a better way.

If you accept the website terms, then you are allowed to get the entire contract in case of any issues or damages that could happen to the users.

The Asha24 company is providing Online training sessions through online and the materials are owned & managed by Asha24 as appropriate. The materials issued are the company Products as default.

1) After obtaining the Course, you are not restricted from downloading.
2) Before taking a Course from Asha24, you need to accept the conditions described in these Sections.
3)To exercise these website services, You need to go through, understood, and agree to all the conditions that are mentioned.

If you don’t, then you are not allowed to use any course on the website.

Instead of browsing directly, request you to read the below-mentioned points carefully.
The participant must accept the company terms and conditions and also the privacy policy, should not be allowed to misuse or use the website illegally.

The company has complete responsibilities for the variation in the provided materials or data-free on the website and is not encouraged to any corrections, loss, in revisions with the usage of the expression, and the complete materials are available through several sources such as email, blog, etc.

We have free services, that everyone can access over the internet.
And we are not liable for the unnecessary credits for the usage of hardware, software, or internet services providers.

The audience should take proper care of your hardware functions and Internet access.
You have to use the individual account to use some places on the pages otherwise it will block if a person misuses the services or doesn’t follow the mentioned points.

We will make sure to give continuous/constant services to our clients.
The Asha24 website is not liable for the issues raised in your software or network accessing beyond the usage.

User Guidelines:
Should not exploit, harm, threaten, or otherwise infringe the benefits of others.
Should not post, send, publish or broadcast any defamatory, improper, insulting material or documents.
Should not share, download, upload files that are ignored or defended by Asha24 Website, which may affect their systems.

It’s prevented to rewrite source code, reverse engineer, or attempt to hack.
Don’t run Spam scripts or settings which can affect the services, and infrastructure of the users.
Don’t publish, advertise materials such as videos, downloads, eBooks, etc.
The person is not encouraged to publish, copy, share and entertain with website information.

About the Content provided:
The materials & contents available on the website pages belong to Asha24 and its partners.
The courses available on the Asha24 website can be utilized only for individual and non-commercial use only.
You can save & print the copies provided for your training purpose only.

About Links and Hyperlinks:
Asha24 may have links to different websites.
The company does not allow any other information available on these pages.
The main purpose of the links is to provide required information to the users.
You have not entitled to spam the links with Asha24 pages, which may cause misleading of the pages.
You are not authorized to edit or frame any pages on this site with other website pages.
Should not link the pages that show immoral information about Human and Animal rights.
Not allowed to insert copyrighted logos, brands or improper images, or content on the Website page.
You are not permitted to link the information on pages like Governmental, which violates any legal, regulations with the Company.

Intellectual & Copyright Property:
The company expects honour from users, as we respect others’ services.

The materials are preserved by trademark & copyright laws.
The complete information, materials on the website along with graphics, text, and code are also copyrighted and apply to Asha24, hence, others are not allowed to rewrite, reproduce the materials.

The information on other pages is not accepted by Asha24 as every company owns their information or content.
Asha24 has complete powers to discard the user’s access, that does not recognize & respect Asha24 property.

Claims of Intellectual Property Violations:
We strongly believe that the provided work is done with the complete liberty of the copyright.
The user who will represent on behalf of the proprietor of the copyright should send a digital or physical signature.
If you confirm that the data available is true and your request for copyright or intellectual property is on your owner’s behalf.

You can mention where and how the information is located on Asha24, with detailed information so that available on the website.

You can reach us at – Communicate directly using provided address, contact number, and E-mail.

Transaction Terms:
Once you buy on the Asha24 website, you are requested to accept the following terms of transactions.

To purchase Asha24, you are forced to pay for that transaction.
You need to check with attention to your payment such as taxes, shipping costs, and discounts.

Some courses may ask for additional information and need to agree with some restrictions before you process your purchase.

Further points are not added in any order, conduction or other communication shall be done on Asha24 once you agree with the conditions.

Limit of Liability:
You have to read and follow that Asha24 never encourages any type of harm or loss, of course, data, or the software of the users, in case if it occurs, that may be due to technical errors and complete responsibility taken in clearing and providing the service.

Price Disclaimer:
All fares mentioned on the Asha24 website can be revised without notice.
The company has the right to increase prices for all our products.
The substitutions can be done as per the business requirements, changes in fares, notification errors, and some major elements.

We ensure to produce proper information if any price is shown incorrectly, which may be due to photos, technical issues, or sudden changes in pricing information.

Use of Study Materials:
Asha24 owns complete rights of all the study materials shared with the buyers, partners, and affiliates.
The materials provided should not be duplicated and shared digitally, or by photocopy are not allowed to record and transfer to other languages without confirmation.

Therefore, no part of any course files may be duplicated, mechanically, or by photocopying, recording and should not be translated into other languages without prior confirmation.