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Master Workday Training with Asha24 expert. Our course experts are certified lead/solution architects, having 10+ years of experience in Workday.

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Why Workday HCM is the Best Career Move?

Workday Hiring Companies

🚀 Accenture
🚀 Deloitte
🚀 hp

Workday Trends

Workday’s applications will run on Google Cloud and the two companies will partner on multiple fronts to target industries.

Workday Pay Scale

⚡ Sr. Software Engineer   $110k – $193k
⚡ ERP Consultant               $57k – $141k
⚡ Engagement Mngr.       $56k – $155k

Workday HCM Training & Certification Course Overview

Workday Human capital Management is presently viewed as one of the worldwide business applications that handle advanced HR functionalities.
Workday course also includes a new section on the role of the project manager in both large and small companies.
The significant modules included under human resources are benefits, payrolls, time trackers, and recruitment.

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Workday HCM Training Options

Workday HCM Training Course Key Features

        Skills Covered

          Workday HCM Training & Certification Online


          The Workday Certification is for candidates from ERP background, Mainframe background, Testing background and BPO background.


          Workday HCM doesn’t need to require any prerequisites as it’s such a user friendly tool,

          Workday HCM Training Course Content

          Introduction to Workday

          ◙ Basic Workday Navigation Landing Pages

          ◙ Single and Multi-select prompt fields

          ◙ Setting up Standard Screen Icons

          ◙ Nova Architecture

          ◙ Create manage access virtual machine

          Organizations in Workday

          ◙ Organization Types

          ◙ Supervisory Workday Organizations

          ◙ Managing Workday supervisory organization

          ◙ Creating a subordinate org in Workday

          ◙ Workday Organization Hierarchies

          Workday Staffing Models

          ◙ Types of Staffing Models

          ◙ Configuring individual staffing model

          ◙ Position Management

          ◙ Differentiating between Workday staffing models

          ◙ Maintaining Staffing Models in Workday

          Jobs and Positions in Workday Suite

          ◙ Job Profiles

          ◙ Differentiating Workday Job profiles

          ◙ Management Level Workday Hierarchy

          ◙ Managing Filled and Unfilled Position and Headcount Groups

          Compensation in Workday

          ◙ Compensation Components

          ◙ Compensation Reports

          ◙ Compensation Grades

          ◙ Salary and Hourly plans

          ◙ Segment Security and Initiating Compensation Event

          Workday Security Group

          ◙ Security Group Types

          ◙ Configuring Role-based security

          ◙ Components of Configurable security

          ◙ Workday Functional Areas

          ◙ Domain security policies

          Workday Business Process

          ◙ Business Process Framework

          ◙ Business Process Step types

          ◙ Default and Customize in Workday

          Workday Reports

          ◙ Standard Reports and Custom Reports

          ◙ Data Sources

          ◙ Create Reports

          ◙ Report type and Data source

          ◙ Filter criteria

          Calculated Fields in Workday

          ◙ Creating various kinds of Calculated Fields

          ◙ Calculated Field Reports

          ◙ Extract Single Instance

          ◙ Extract Multi-Instance

          ◙ Systemwide vs. Report specific Calculated fields ILoads

          ◙ Workday ILoads

          ◙ Data push and Data extraction

          ◙ Kinds of Data Load

          ◙ Implementation Areas and Implementation Tasks


          ◙ Workday ILoads

          ◙ Data push and Data extraction

          ◙ Kinds of Data Load

          ◙ Implementation Areas and Implementation Tasks

          Transactions in Workday

          ◙ Creating Applicants

          ◙ Assigning User-based security groups

          ◙ Staffing movement

          ◙ Termination and Request Delegation

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          Workday HCM Training Course Certification

          Asha24’s Workday Certificate Holders work at companies like

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          Workday HCM Training Features

          Instructor-led Sessions

          35 hrs of Online Live Instructor-led Classes. Weekend class: 14 sessions of 2.5 hours each. Weekday class: 35 sessions of 1 hour each.

          Real-life Case Studies

          35 hrs of Online Live Instructor-led Classes. Weekend class: 14 sessions of 2.5 hours each. Weekday class: 35 sessions of 1 hour each.

          Instructor-led Sessions

          35 hrs of Online Live Instructor-led Classes. Weekend class: 14 sessions of 2.5 hours each. Weekday class: 35 sessions of 1 hour each.

          Workday HCM Training Course Description

          What are the prerequisites for this course

          There is no coding language is used in this technology. As it is User-friendly and very interesting to learn about its applications hence It doesn’t have any prerequisites.
          If you have any prior experiences in the Recruitment or HR field that would be added advantage for you.

          Overview of Workday

          Workday is a cloud-based technology that combines a lower level of ownership with a high-level approach for international organizations.
          Workday also presents associated Financial Management and Human Capital Management (HCM) software designed for MNC’s.
          It supports human resources, Integration, Financial and payroll, needs for associations.
          Workday is chosen by most IT Companies because of its user-friendly performance.

          Introduction to Workday

          Workday is a cloud-based application composed and revealed to maintain industry resource planning’s, like human capital management, and financial management applications.
          The preparation and implementation of the work plan to manage a successful business can be done using Workday.
          The Workday applications mainly include Human Capital Management, which covers Human Resources, Recruiting, Payroll, Benefits, Talent Management, and Time Tracking.
          Financial Management includes Financials, Investments, Revenue, and Procurement.

          Essential Features of Workday

          Essential Features of Workday Includes:
          Custom reports
          Time Tracking
          Payroll Solutions
          Organization Management
          Absence Management
          Performance Management
          Benefits administration
          Organization Management
          Talent Management.

          Advantages of using Workday

          Workday improves HR and Payroll compliance, reduces risk, provides better data for decision making, and improves capabilities across the company.
          It also enables users in the industry to work more efficiently by producing consistent, streamlined, and modern practices.
          Workday helps to implement and execute your programs from design to maintaining agreement with simple management.
          With an easy and automatic interface, the administration is designed to support the industries and their employees to realize the complete value of the Workday Benefits.

          Why should you learn Workday

          Workday is a market leader in ERP cloud since 2014, it has been executed immediately by organizations hence its best to learn so that the employee can perform and help the organization in implementation activities.
          Workday is an ERP tool that provides HCM, Financials and Payroll, solutions to small and mid-size businesses.
          It presents Financial and HCM software reserved for trending organizations.
          The application can easily reach the requirements of various companies, it also connects with a large number of company operations and applications.
          Workday is trending because of its cutting-edge technology being used by maximum industries.
          This is the reason why its demand is increasing day by day. Asha24, in this context, provides the best tutorials for Workday where they provide impeccable training material so that anyone can learn and receive Workday certification.
          A successful career is only a click away. Use this opportunity and become proficient in the Workday.

          Why use Workday HCM
          Rapid and Enhanced Recruitment: You will be able to speed up and simplify the recruitment process with collaboration tools, task reminders and calendar synchronization.
          Deep Data Insights- Workday HCM has the analytics and reporting tools that provide a complete view of key KPIs to help you make better decisions.

          Effective Absence Management: This feature uses a smart calendar to manage time off. You can track and analyze absences of different types, as well as carryover.

          Better Hiring Decisions: Dashboards allow you to see all your talent acquisition data in one place.

          Simpler Time Management: Any device that can track and approve time will alert you to any issues. This simplifies time management.

          Deep Data Insights: Workday HCM has the analytics and reporting tools that provide a complete view of key KPIs to help you make better decisions.

          Key differentiators & advantages of Workday HCM
          Easy Expense Reporting: Mobile receipt scanning and approval workflows make it easy for managers and employees to expense. Employees can also access reports and set spending limits. Data analytics tools can help you spot trends and provide insight into your company’s expenses.
          Fast and Enhanced Recruitment: You can speed up and streamline the recruitment process by using collaboration tools, task reminders, and calendar synchronization. Referring qualified candidates to your colleagues is encouraged by a referral leaderboard.
          Deep Data Insights: Workday HCM is equipped with analytics and reporting tools to provide a comprehensive view of key KPIs that can be used to make better decisions. It helps you get to know your workforce and encourages employee growth. Prism Analytics and Data as-a-Service apps by Workday provide graphs, charts and benchmarking reports, among other things.
          Effective Absence Management: This feature utilizes a smart calendar to manage time off. You can also track different types of absences, and analyze carryover.
          Better Hiring Decisions: Dashboards provide a single place to view all of your talent acquisition data. Machine learning also suggests areas for improvement. To create attractive offers, you can compare your company with peers by benchmarking.
          Simplified Time Management: Any device can track and approve time, and alerts you to any issues that require attention. To reduce manual tasks and increase the chance of error, the system automates calculations and rules.

          Workday HCM Key Features
          Benefits Administration: Workday supports many plans like retirement, health, flex, well-being, and wellness. 

          Workday Payroll: Workday has released a special edition to Canada, the U.K, France, and Canada for payroll. The payroll module includes a calculation engine that allows you to run reports and calculate for individuals and groups at any time. The dashboard gives a complete understanding of upcoming changes and the areas that have the greatest impact on your organization.

          Learning Management System: Workday HCM offers LMS capabilities and can help your company deliver and track various training materials. 

          Talent Management: The software also includes career and development planning, talent management, and onboarding. A single dashboard allows new hires to access messages, videos, and other information. There’s also support for internal and international transfers. A skills cloud and pulse surveys provide insights into your workforce.

          Workforce Planning: With this feature, you can build custom models, design comparing what-if scenarios, and building hiring strategies. It facilitates collaboration and allows for the evaluation of metrics such as workforce breakdown and costs. It integrates data from different organizational systems and allows for review and approval.

          Compensation Management: It offers pay-range segments that are used to track pay equity and pay equity. 

          Global Compliance: You can customize the pre-built frameworks to meet the company’s requirements. It supports 240 countries, 1,500+ reports, 170 absence plans and geographic controls like date formats and privacy preferences. There are also over 3,000 localized fields. The setup can be automatically translated into more than 30 languages, and you will receive legal support in 58 jurisdictions.

          Workday Limitations
          Workday HCM, a SaaS-based product, has no offline capabilities. This could limit customers’ access to data when they have poor internet connectivity.
          Private cloud-based HR can’t deploy their software on Workday.
          It lacks CRM capabilities. It does, however, offer Salesforce integration.
          There is limited scope for customization.

          Workday HCM Training Online & Certification Course FAQ’s

          What Is Workday Software?
          Workday has a unified suite of applications that help to maintain everything under the same umbrella-like financials, HR, Talent, Payroll, analytics, etc.
          Developed by former CEO of PeopleSoft Duffield in 2015 – Workday Certification free
          How To Use Workday?
          Workday is simple cloud based application with to use interface and GUI. This feature gives employees, managers, and recruiters can access to information anywhere, anytime on mobile, tablet, and desktop. Learn Workday Certification free
          What Calculated Fields In Workday?
          A calculated field refers to a configurable field definition that is associated with a business object that uses Workday data. This allows you to access transaction data throughout Workday. know how to get Workday Certification free

          A calculated field is a data field that can be used within a report to extract values, group and transform data or retrieve values. Learn Workday Certification free

          How To Access Workday From Home?
          Log in to your company on a personal computer, such as a laptop or desktop, using a web browser.
          • Go to
          • Enter your username/password.
          • Click “Log In.”
          Learn Workday Certification free
          Why Workday For Integration?
          • Core system-of-record for an enterprise
          • Proven integration technology
          • Multi-tenant SaaS model
          • Inherent understanding of workers, organizations, business processes, and approval workflows
          What Is Workday EIB?
          Use the Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB) to build simple and secure integrations with Workday.
          EIB gives you a framework to build your own integrations based on your unique business needs. You can use the EIB for both inbound and outbound integrations.
          The integration is represented in Workday as an Enterprise Interface, which you must build and configure before the integration is ready to launch. You can design an Enterprise Interface by using either of these methods:
          Wizard design method — Create simple inbound or outbound integrations in a few steps with the wizard, which guides your setup with appropriate options based on the data flow.
          Classic design method — Create integrations by building an integration system and then configuring its components with the Configure Enterprise Interface task. This approach involves more steps, but gives you additional flexibility.
          What Is Workday Studio?
          Workday Studio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that you can use to create complex hosted integrations.
          Workday Studio custom integration systems are developed on your desktop, hosted in Workday’s data centers, and accessed by your production tenant.
          Using Workday Studio on your desktop, you create all aspects of your custom integration system.
          Once your custom integration system is complete, you then deploy it to Workday’s cloud environment, where it is available to your production tenants.
          What Is Workday Connector?
          Definition: A pre-built integration product focused on a specific solution
          Key concepts
          NOT built to a specific endpoint
          Supports specific usage scenarios
          Can be extended
          Applicable to all Workday/partner customers
          Managed roadmap
          Treated like a product
          Where Do I Get Workday Certification I Have Completed All Of My Training By Workday The Company Conducted This Training By Using Their Credit Can I Appear For Exams To Be Certified If Yes How Is Company Involvement Required For Nomination?

          Workday certification is only provided by Workday itself or by its partnered companies.
          Company credentials are must for the certification.

          Does Workday have a good scope in the future Can I prefer Workday over SAP?
          Yes, Workday has a very good scope compare to its competitor, SAP SuccessFactors, based on the below facts.

          Both are Cloud-based HCM space,
          • It is a cloud-based ERP software provider “single system for finance, HR, and planning.”
          • A software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, built by Oracle PeopleSoft.
          • It is a publicly traded company and is trusted by major brands such as National Geographic, Netflix, and Airbnb
          • PayScalse: Based on 5K profiles, Workday’s employees pay is on avg. $65K

          SAP SuccessFactors:
          • It is an ERP software company SAP, a cloud-based HCM solution
          • SAP SuccessFactors is basically for a large organisation
          • SAP Success factor pays its employee an average of $ 50k

          So we can conclude that both are good HR from career prospects, but working on Workday will be more advantageous.

          Which Is The Best Institute For Workday Online Training?
          Burning your money will not get you anywhere; Workday paid courses are pretty expensive.
          Hence before starting a paid course, first you need to learn the basics.
          I went through the Asha24.Com free course and then once I had enough information then I switched on to their paid course.
          Mostly I was looking for hands on to Workday Studio apart from their core HCM module.
          And that’s what I got.
          Well the instructor was very supportive, in fact, I still reach him out in case I have any issues.
          That’s really amazing.
          Now I have lots of suggestions for you.
          First learn the free course then go with a self paced session.
          Go through the videos thoroughly in the self paced module.
          Once you are comfortable with the videos, and then join the Instructor Led session.
          That’s very effective.
          Why Does Workday Have Such Poor User Experience?
          I can’t say that it has a poor user experience compared to its competitors.
          Work day releases its newer version every 6 months, with added features beating its competitors.
          Going with experience, Workday presents a unique solution for complete HR activities. Its user experience is excellent, I believe.
          If you are planning to get yourself on board, then you should not be focusing on these pity issues
          What Is Workday Software Is It Easy To Learn It?
          Let me brief you on Workday
          • It is a cloud-based ERP software… in simple terms… it can be described as a “single system for resource planning, human capital management, and financial management applications.”
          • Human Capital Management refers to the functions included in Human Resources management like recruiting, developing, and optimizing human resources.
          • It is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, built by Oracle PeopleSoft.
          • It works best for medium and large enterprises

          The second part of the question is, how easy it is to learn it
          • Yes, it is very easy to learn the HCM functional module. No coding involved.
          • Simple HR procedure and step with very easy to understand user interface.

          What Is The Interview Process Of Workday What Should I Keep In Mind While Preparing For An Interview With Workday?
          The procedure remains similar for Workday as in the case of any other interview. It only depends on confidence and preparation.

          When I decided to start my career with Work day, I was in dilemma whether I could clear my interview…

          Important interview concepts for Workday Consultant Job Role
          • Core concepts of HCM
          • Time tracking & Payroll solution is a favourite topic
          • Overview: Cloud connectors for third party payroll
          • Overview: Part of the generation Report and EIB is also important

          If you are looking for your career in Studio/ Technical, an in-depth understanding is a must,
          • Studio Integration
          • Enterprise Information Builder (EIB) Integration
          • Cloud Connect Integration

          At least practice 5 case studies and good grip on Tenant/Studio is a MUST

          So I started searching for a training institute that can help me clear my interview and the training

          What is the difference between Self-Paced learning and Online Classroom Training?
          Self-Paced learning module includes Tool Plus Complete video course library Plus Documents


          Online Classroom module includes the Live Instructor Interaction Plus Tool along Free Self-Paced materials

          Is it possible to Switch from Self-Paced learning and Online Classroom training?
          Yes, you can definitely switch to Self-paced learning to Online classroom and vice versa.
          How can I raise a ticket with the support team?
          Asha24 is offering 24*7 support to resolve your issue. The maximum time to resolve your ticket is 24hrs.
          Is the free course free?
          Each course has a free demo session/free learning so that you can get a good and clear idea of the concept.
          What is Workday?
          Workday is a cloud-based ERP software that specializes in resource planning, human capital management, and financial management applications
          Workday is designed for medium-to-large-sized companies, especially companies with multiple locations, features like:Learn Workday Certification free
          • Payroll Management
          • Time tracking
          • Human resource management (HRM).
          • Talent management
          • Data analysis
          What does workday do?
          Workday Suite includes Human Capital Management apps like benefits, talent management, recruitment, Workday payroll (for U.S., Canada and France), Workday financial, Workday learning and Workday planning & time tracking.
          Workday provides a cloud-based HRIS system that helps organizations manage and streamline their HR operations. Workday’s HRIS solution aims to improve all aspects of HR management including employee experience, HR planning, and people analytics.Learn workday training online
          How to use workday?
          You can avail Workday Tenant access from and get started with Workday Training.
          Workday Application includes,
          Workday Financial Management
          Analytics, real-time, and other financial capabilities are just a few of the many options available to you.Free Workday training
          * Accounting and Financial Reporting can help you
          * Revenue Management
          * Expenses
          * Procurement
          * Project and Work Management
          * Grants Management

          Workday Human Capital Management (HCM)
          Workday HCM, the only global enterprise software that unifies human resources, benefits, talent management, payroll, and time tracking.Learn Workday Certification free
          * Human Resource Management
          * Benefits
          * Workforce Planning and Analytics
          * Talent Management
          * Recruiting
          * Time tracking
          * Payroll

          Professional Services Automation (PSA).Learn workday training online
          Automation in Workday Professional Services is changing
          Organizations that can manage and execute are the winners
          client-facing billable projects. Human fully unified
          Capital Management and Workday PSA simplify recruiting
          Staffing, development, and retention of your most valued employees
          Your people are your resource Workday supports the full billable
          Project lifecycle includes:
          * Project and Resource Management
          * Talent Management, Human Capital Management
          * Tracking of Time and Expense
          * Revenue Recognition and Billing
          * Analytics and Reporting

          Insight ApplicationsLearn workday training and certification
          Insight Applications combines historical analysis with the ability to create insights. Workday always provides non-Workday data. The applications then use machine learning and data. Science to provide new insights that guide decision-making. Answer questions like “Which employees have the highest salaries?” What is the risk of leaving your organization? Impact if they are absent?
          * Addresses specific business scenarios
          * Combination of data from Workday and non Workday
          data sources
          * Machine learning and data science are both applicable
          The analysis is a key to greatly enhanced discovery
          Predictions and information
          * Prescribes actions that have a likely impact

          What Is Workday Software?
          Workday has a unified suite of applications which help to maintain everything under the same umbrella like financials, HR, Talent, Payroll, analytics, etc.
          Developed by former CEO of PeopleSoft Duffield in 2015
          How to get Workday Certification
          How To Use Workday?
          Workday is simple cloud based application with to use interface and GUI. This feature gives employees, managers, and recruiters can access to information anywhere, anytime on mobile, tablet, and desktop.Learn workday training and certification
          Is workday down?
          Workday Users work in the “Production tenant.” Downtime for production tenants take place early on Saturday mornings to reduce impact
          Workday performs updates and maintenance weekly, monthly, and quarterly during a designated window of time, during which it is unavailable for use. The standard schedule is:

          Weekly Service Update: Friday to Saturday for a maximum of four hours between 11 p.m. and 3 a.m. PST.

          Monthly Maintenance: Friday to Saturday for a maximum of eight hours between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. PST.

          Quarterly Maintenance: Friday to Saturday for a maximum of 12 hours between 11 p.m. and 11 a.m. PST
          How to get Workday Certification

          How To View Schedule On Workday?
          A work schedule is a calendar that defaults to reflect scheduled days and hours.
          Access the task
          • Type “My Schedule” into the Workday search bar and select it

          • From the calendar, you will see default days and times filled in. Click on the current date or a future date to bring up the edit screen. You cannot edit your schedule retroactively.

          • The Edit My Schedule window pops up; click the Edit Days Individually button. Note: if you edit times in the popup window instead of clicking the Edit Days Individually button, you may end up with unnecessary errors.Free Workday training

          • A grid opens where you can edit/add/delete the In/Out times and Meal Start/End times. The default times that the calendar starts with are based on your scheduled weekly hours (e.g. 40, 37.5, 35, 30, etc.) and your location.
          • There are two sets of weeks, to allow for a biweekly rotation. For example, you could have an extended lunch break every other Thursday. Regardless of whether you have the same schedule or different schedules each week, you will need to scroll down and update both weeks of the calendar.
          • The End Date is optional, and the recommendation is to leave it blank unless the schedule is temporary.
          • Click Ok to save.Learn Workday Certification free

          Who Owns Workday?

          Workday was founded by David Duffield, founder and former CEO of ERP company PeopleSoft, and former PeopleSoft chief strategist Aneel Bhusri in 2005.
          Learn workday training online

          How To Resign On Workday?
          Workday Termination
          To terminate a manager, we will have to move his team and then we can terminate him
          We can’t terminate contingent employees because they are in contract period, once that is completed we can terminate or we will have to edit the contract period.

          We can terminate regular employees.How to get Workday Certification

          Step be step process for termination
          • Goto “Business Process Termination”
          • Give the suitable “Order”, under specify tab choose “Review Employee Termination” and then select the group
          • Then click on Ok.Learn workday training and certification

          How To Become A Workday Partner
          Workday Partners are an exclusive group of providers that have passed the Workday standards of quality, integrity and experience. For more info
          Free Workday training
          How Do I Log Into Workday?
          Sign in to your organization on a personal computer (such as laptop or desktop) through a web browser.
          1. Go to{yourorganization}.
          2. Enter your username and password.
          3. Click “Log In.”Learn Workday Certification free
          What Is Workday Used For?
          Workday, a cloud-based software program that allows institutions & companies to plan and execute the best business practices in Human Resources and Payroll.Learn workday training online
          How Does Workday Work?
          Let’s look at it through the business process steps. This will help us get a better understanding of what it is all about.

          Initiation: This is the initial or primary step of the business process. This is usually the first step in a business process.Learn Workday Certification free

          Action refers to an event within Workday. One example of the Hire business process is the proposal communication.

          Approval: The first step is to approve or deny the business process. This step allows the approver to approve or deny business process.Free Workday training

          Approval chain: An approval chain is a sequence or set of approvals that starts at the top and goes up to the manager and higher officials.

          Service: This is the service offered by Workday.

          Consolidated approval: With the consolidated approval step, multiple approvals can be combined into one task by using a single notification.

          Integration: This refers to the step in which the system transfers required data from one application to another.How to get Workday Certification

          Report: This step allows us to create a detailed report of an action taken in a business process.

          Batch: The addition of the batch step to a business process means that it will not be completed until the job is done.

          To Do: This step helps you understand the activities that are outside of the workday that the responsible person must perform.

          Checklist: A checklist is a list of things to do or tasks that should be done outside of the workday.Learn workday training and certification

          How To Learn Workday?
          Start with Asha24 Free Workday Training Free Module. Once you are ready to get your career on Workday. One can enroll for Asha24 training. Asha24 provides 2 modes of training Self-paced and Instructor led training.Learn workday training online
          What Is Workday Hcm?
          The Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) suite enables you to embrace change by providing workforce and operational insights.
          Key Product Areas
          Human Capital Management Suite
          • Human Resource Management • Benefits Administration • Talent Management • Workforce Planning and Analytics • Big Data Analytics • Recruiting • Payroll Solutions • Time Tracking • Project and Work Management
          Key BenefitsHow to get Workday Certification
          • Gain a more complete picture of your workforce. • Understand your entire people cost, including contingent labour. • Empower workers and business leaders through self-service. • Easily configure the system for your specific business needs. • Take action at the point of decision.Learn workday training and certification
          How To Submit Time On Workday?
          1. Log into Workday and from the All About Me page, click the Time icon, and then select the week to enter
          2. To start entering time, click inside an hour segment to open a time entry card. Choose the correct Time Type, enter your time in and time out, and the Reason of Out or Meal. Click OK to save the entry in the calendar.Learn Workday Certification free
          3. Complete the calendar entries according to the schedule of time worked.
          4. Hours worked are displayed across the top of the calendar, and are updated with every entry made. When finished for the week, click the Submit button.
          5. You will need to confirm the submission, which creates your electronic signature. To confirm, click Submit again.
          6. Manager approvals are required. Be sure this message appears so you know you have completed your entry properly.Free Workday training
          Can I Log Into Workday From Home?
          1. Go to{yourorganization}.
          2. Enter your username and password.
          3. Click “Log In.”Learn Workday Certification free

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