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Many organizations- Accenture, EY, IBM, ISG, Infosys, NEOOPS and Symphony Ventures- has partnered with Java setting new industry benchmarks, with certification programs playing a key role in the partner network. So get started today with the Training.

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Why Java Certification Training Course is the Best Career Move?

The international neighborhood of builders is predicted to enlarge with the aid of 28.7 million in 2024. And 63.1% of programmers said that they would proceed to code in Java alongside with Python, HTML/CSS, and SQL.

Also, such company giants like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are deploying Java in their software program improvement processes.

According to PayScale, the common revenue for a Java developer is $69,722 per year, with a common revenue vary of $47,169 to $106,610 per year.

Java Certification Training Course Overview

Java is an object-oriented programming language that produces software programs for a couple of platforms. When a programmer writes a Java application, the compiled code (known as bytecode) runs on most running structures (OS), such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Java is a class-based object-oriented programming language for constructing internet and computer applications. It is the most famous programming language and the language of preference for Android programming.

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Training Options

Java Course Key Features

  • Comprehensive Curriculum
  • Hands-on Experience
  • Core Java Programming
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Java Collections Framework
  • Exception Handling
  • Java Collections Framework

Skills Covered

  • Java Collections Framework
  • Multithreading and Concurrency
  • File I/O and Serialization
  • Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)
  • Web Development
  • Advanced Java Concepts

Java Course Curriculum


The Java Certification is for candidates from SAP background, Mainframe background, Testing background and BPO background.


If you have some experience in programming in C or C++ then you can effortlessly study Java programming language.

Course Content

Data Handling and Functions

◙ Arrays – Single Dimensional and Multidimensional arrays

◙ Functions

◙ Function with Arguments

◙ Function Overloading

◙ The concept of Static Polymorphism

◙ String Handling – String

◙ StringBuffer Classes

Object Oriented Programming in Java

◙ OOPS in Java: Concept of Object Orientation

◙ Attributes, and Methods

◙ Classes and Objects

◙ Methods and Constructors

◙ Inheritance

◙ Abstract

◙ Final

◙ Static

Packages and Multi Threading

◙ Packages and Interfaces

◙ Access Specifiers: Public, Private, Protected and Package

◙ Exception Handling: Try, Catch, Finally, Throw and Throws

◙ Multi-Threading: Runnable Interface, Extending a Thread Class, Synchronization in Threads

Introduction to Java

◙ Introduction to Java

◙ Bytecode

◙ Class Files

◙ Compilation Process

◙ Data types, and Operations

◙ if conditions

◙ Loops – for

◙ while and do while

Java Collections

◙ Wrapper Classes and Inner Classes: Integer, Character, Boolean, Float etc

◙ Applet Programs: How to write UI programs with Applet, Java.lang,, Java.util

◙ Collections: ArrayList, Vector, HashSet, TreeSet, HashMap, HashTable


◙ Introduction to XML

◙ Writing XML files

◙ DOM Parser – Writing into an XML file and Parsing an XML file

◙ SAX Parser, XSL


◙ Introduction to SQL: Connect, Insert, Update, Delete, Select

◙ Introduction to JDBC and Architecture of JDBC

◙ Types of Drivers: Type 1/2/3/4 drivers

◙ Insert/Update/Delete/Select Operations using JDBC

◙ Batch Processing Transaction

◙ Management: Commit and Rollback


◙ Introduction to Web Technologies

◙ Type of Servlets: Generic and Http Servlet

◙ Request Dispatchers: Forward and Include

◙ 4 types of Session Tracking and Filters


◙ Introduction to JSP

◙ Architecture of JSP

◙ tags (Scripts, declarative, expression)

◙ Implicit objects

◙ JSP Directives

◙ JSP and JDBC


◙ Introduction to Hibernate

◙ Architecture of Hibernate

◙ Database Operations: Insert/Update/Delete/Select

◙ Inheritance

◙ Collections

◙ HQL and Restrictions

◙ Caching in Hibernate


◙ Introduction to Spring Framework

◙ Architecture

◙ Display a Sample Message

◙ IoC Containers

◙ Bean Definition

◙ Bean Scopes

◙ Bean Post Processors

◙ Dependency Injection Auto-Wiring

Spring, Ajax and Design Patterns

◙ Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP)

◙ Integrating Spring framework with Hibernate

◙ Transaction Management

◙ Ajax Framework and Design Patterns: DAO, DTO, MVC

◙ Intercepting filters

◙ Front Controller

◙ Business Delegate


◙ Introduction to SOA

◙ SOA Architecture

◙ Business layer of SOA

◙ Advantages of SOA

◙ What is Contract

◙ Address, and Binding in SOA

◙ Composition of Service

◙ Relation between SOA and Web Services

Web Services and Project

◙ Introduction to Web Services

◙ WSDL file


◙ SOAP, RESTfulWeb Service

◙ JAX-WS Implementation

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Java Course Certification

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Training Features

Instructor-led Sessions

20 hrs of Online Live Instructor-led Classes. Weekend class: 8 sessions of 2.5 hours each. Weekday class: 20 sessions of 1 hour each.

Real-life Case Studies

20 hrs of Online Live Instructor-led Classes. Weekend class: 8 sessions of 2.5 hours each. Weekday class: 20 sessions of 1 hour each.

Instructor-led Sessions

20 hrs of Online Live Instructor-led Classes. Weekend class: 8 sessions of 2.5 hours each. Weekday class: 20 sessions of 1 hour each.

Java Training Course Description

What are the prerequisites for this course?
As such, there is no prerequisite. The tool is a simple drag and drop with a set of blocks in the automation process.

But to master the course, you must have a basic understanding of the flowchart and logical understanding of the project.

Overview of RPA
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is automating processes across multiple business application. It can be intelligently be trained to analyze large amounts of data from software processes and translate them to trigger for new actions, responses, and communication with other systems.

RPA is described as a software development toolkit that allows engineers to quickly create software robots (knows as ‘Bots’) to automate rules-driven business processes.

At the core, an RPA system imitates human interventions that interact with internal IT systems. It is a non-invasive application that requires minimum integration with the existing IT setup while delivering productivity by replacing human effort to complete the task.

Introduction to Blue Prism
Blue Prism software is considered as a set of tools, run-time environments and libraries for RPA. This has built-in support which connects the business objects to many types of application user interfaces which include windows interfaces, browser-based HTML interfaces, mainframe applications which is accessed via terminals, and also other interfaces which are built using Java. This technology is used in the IT sector and the business people who are working together. In order to set things up, IT must be involved originally and the deployments should be configured. Blue Prism software is considered as a set of tools, run-time environments, and libraries for RPA. This has built-in support which connects the business objects to many types of application user interfaces which include windows interfaces, browser-based HTML interfaces, mainframe applications which is accessed via terminals, and also other interfaces which are built using Java. This technology is used in the IT sector and the business people who are working together. In order to set things up, IT must be involved originally and the deployments should be configured.

Through Blue Prism, the business, customers and partners will be assisted where there will also be a digital workforce across various organizations. Blue Prism, is a software development company, invented Robotic Process Automation (RPA) which further showcases that the company is top-notch in software development. The blue prism software makes sure that the business operations are done in a cost-effective and agile manner because of the automation of rule-based, manual and repetitive back-office processes which in turn improves the accuracy because of the developed “Digital Workforce”. The unique aspect of the Blue Prism tool is that it offers flow chart like designer where it has a drag and drops feature to automate each and every step of the business processes.

Essential Features of Blue Prism
◙ The essential features of Blue Prism include:
◙ There can be central management of the virtual workforce of software robots that is secure and scalable.
◙ A total automation solution that makes sure that there are queue management and work distribution
◙ There are many more features included like encrypting, load balancing, and audit. The robots are also defined and managed centrally.
◙ There can be the automation of XML, Excel, Image, PDF, CSV, etc.
◙ One need not write any code while using the Blue Prism tool.
◙ Blue Prism automates the software developed in Mainframe, Java, windows application, and web-based.
Process Studio & Object Studio
Blue Prism is a set of runtime environments, tools, and libraries for RPA, the software robot of it has two main parts i.e. Process Studio and Object Studio.

Object Studio: Through object studio, one can create a Visual Business Object (VBO), which is created to interact with other applications. It should be noted that Object Studio is much like Process Studio but the key differences include:

Object Studio offers “stage” which is not present in Process Studio.
Object Studio has two default pages rather than the Main Page.
The pages are not organized as a hierarchy but as flat groups
The advantages of developing a VBO include:

Scalability and consistency
There is lesser bot creation time which results in subsequent processes
Bot maintenance becomes easy because the system changes need to be updated in only one location rather than each process.
Process Studio: Process studio is similar to that of a traditional flow chart. In this area, the actual process is created. Apart from the features which are offered by Object Studio, there is also control loops, business logic, object call and variables to be sequenced and also tested invisible business flow. Each Page of the Process Studio has a tab and the process which is defined in the Process Studio is equal to a flowchart.

The process is more of like a human user which implements software robot’s logic. This is also similar to the personal interaction with many applications in order to carry out a series of steps where it can invoke actions in order to carry out the same steps.

The benefits of Process Studio include:

⚫Each process is defined by using one or more pages
◙ Every page contains many data and stages
◙ Process Studio always begins at its Main Page
◙ The process mimics like a human user who types and thinks very fast.
◙ The process needs to be published and it is only then that it can be visible to the Control Room
◙ Process Studio allows the user to design the logic where it assembles the design surface graphically.

What is Business Objects?
In order to implement RPA system in any company or organization, a real process is needed to do useful tasks and for that to happen, it needs to work with an external application. The interface to the application is never contained in the process diagram but there is a separate diagram called Business Object.

The Business Object is configured in a distinct environment called as Object Studio and not in Process Studio. Through Business Object, there can be an interface to a single application and it is not exposed to a control room. It is always used by a process and is never used on its own.

Advantages of using Blue Prism
◙ One does not need IT skills and it can be implemented in 4 to 6 weeks
◙ The company can have the highest return of ROI
◙ There is feature rich and robust analytics suite
◙ The building of automated and highly efficient end-to-end business processes
◙ There is a Custom Permission feature that allows user-specific access to robots, robot groups, and processes for a secure robotic automation process.
Why should you learn Blue Prism?
◙ It is estimated that the average salary of the RPA professional is around $63000
◙ There is an increase in demand for RPA professional and it is estimated that more than 5 million jobs will be available by 2020 in the automation and robotics industry
◙ Since it is code free, literally anyone can learn Blue Prism without any previous knowledge in coding.
◙ This course can be taken up by Flowchart Engineers, IT Experts, Automation Students, Executive Specialists, Business Professionals, and Fresh Graduates

Blue Prism is the need of the hour software which will be implemented in many organizations in the coming future. This is the reason why its demand will increase more than ever. Asha24, in this context, provides the best RPA tutorials i.e. blue prism tutorials where they provide impeccable blue prism training material so that anyone can learn blue prism and receive blue prism certification.

A successful career is only a click away. Use this opportunity and become proficient in the blue prism.

Java Training Online & Certification Course FAQ’s

Do Asha24 provide a 100% money-back guarantee?
Yes, Asha24 provides a 100% money-back guarantee on fulfilling all the below checkpoints
1. This offers is only on instructor-led training
2. 95% class attendance
3. In the Test, you have to score 95% marks conducted by Asha24
What happens if I'm unable to attend the Asha24 online training session?
At Asha24, you’ll never miss a Session! You will be provided with the recorded class of that day.
When shall I get access to self-paced learning after enrollment?
Post-enrollment will provide access immediately, and you can start the course right away.
Do you provide placement assistance?
Asha24 works towards providing the best training & certification. We offer real-time case studies, interview preparation and resume assistant
We do not offer placement.
What is Workday?
Workday is a cloud-based ERP software that specializes in resource planning, human capital management, and financial management applications
Workday is designed for medium-to-large-sized companies, especially companies with multiple locations, features like:
• Payroll Management
• Time tracking
• Human resource management (HRM).
• Talent management
• Data analysis
To Learn Master Workday Certification Enroll now with Asha24
Does Workday do?
Workday Suite includes Human Capital Management apps like benefits, talent management, recruitment, Workday payroll (for U.S., Canada and France), Workday financial, Workday learning and Workday planning & time tracking.
Workday provides a cloud-based HRIS system that helps organizations manage and streamline their HR operations. Workday’s HRIS solution aims to improve all aspects of HR management including employee experience, HR planning, and people analytics.
Cloud Computing is wave of the future.. So, get ahead with Workday Training with Asha24.
How to use Workday?
You can avail Workday Tenant access from and get started with Workday Training.
Workday Application includes,
Workday Financial Management
Analytics, real-time, and other financial capabilities are just a few of the many options available to you.
* Accounting and Financial Reporting can help you
* Revenue Management
* Expenses
* Procurement
* Project and Work Management
* Grants Management

Workday Human Capital Management (HCM)
Workday HCM, the only global enterprise software that unifies human resources, benefits, talent management, payroll, and time tracking
To Learn Master Workday Certification Enroll now with Asha24
* Human Resource Management
* Benefits
* Workforce Planning and Analytics
* Talent Management
* Recruiting
* Time tracking
* Payroll

Professional Services Automation (PSA).
Automation in Workday Professional Services is changing
Organizations that can manage and execute are the winners
Client-facing billable projects. Human fully unified
Capital Management and Workday PSA simplify recruiting
Staffing, development, and retention of your most valued employees
Your people are your resource Workday supports the full billable
Project lifecycle includes:
* Project and Resource Management
* Talent Management, Human Capital Management
* Tracking of Time and Expense
* Revenue Recognition and Billing
* Analytics and Reporting

Insight Applications
Insight Applications combines historical analysis with the ability to create insights. Workday always provides non-Workday data. The applications then use machine learning and data. Science to provide new insights that guide decision-making. Answer questions like “Which employees have the highest salaries?” What is the risk of leaving your organization? Impact if they are absent?
Cloud Computing is wave of the future.. So, get ahead with Workday Training with Asha24.
* Addresses specific business scenarios
* Combination of data from Workday and non-Workday
Data sources
* Machine learning and data science are both applicable
The analysis is a key to greatly enhanced discovery
Predictions and information
* Prescribes actions that have a likely impact

What is the difference between Self-Paced learning and Online Classroom Training?
Self-Paced learning module includes Tool Plus Complete video course library Plus Documents


Online Classroom module includes the Live Instructor Interaction Plus Tool along Free Self-Paced materials

Is it possible to Switch from Self-Paced learning and Online Classroom training?
Yes, you can definitely switch to Self-paced learning to Online classroom and vice versa.
How can I raise a ticket with the support team?
Asha24 is offering 24*7 support to resolve your issue. The maximum time to resolve your ticket is 24hrs.
Is the free course free?
Each course has a free demo session/free learning so that you can get a good and clear idea of the concept.

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