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Why Sailpoint is the Best Career Move?

SailPoint Hiring Companies
🚀 PwC
SailPoint Trends
SailPoint enables the world’s biggest associations to mitigate risks, to lessen IT costs, and guarantee compliance.
SailPoint Pay Scale
⚡ IAM SailPoint              $11,186
⚡ SailPoint Engineer    $10,675
⚡ SailPoint Identity IQ  $123,619

SailPoint IIQ Training Certification Course Overview

Sailpoint is Saas identity analytics that distinctively integrates Role management, Access request management, and Compliance management that allows you to easily control user access to all systems and applications. Identity security is the most effortless approach to execute your digital change quicker and lessen risks. All leading companies are implementing this tool so start learning this course & help your organization in growing.

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SailPoint IIQ Training Course Key Features

  • RLifetime access to the complete course
  • RSailPoint Latest Toll Provided
  • 100% Money back guarantee!!!
  • R25 Hours training with recorded sessions and materials
  • R24*7 Support from our team of administrators

Skills Covered

  • \Comprehensive understanding of Identity & IAM
  • \Insights Gain 360° visibility into client access, movement, and dangerous outliers.
  • \You can implement & use the Sailpoint tool to its best.
  • \Learn best industrial practices from experts

Sailpoint Course Curriculum


The SailPoint Certification is for candidates looking to grow their career in SailPoint IAM, a software developer and a tester.


SailPoint doesn’t need to require any prerequisites but having basic understanding on Java will an add-on.

Course Content

Identity IQ Settings & Configuration

◙ Identity IQ Global Settings & Configuration

◙ Login Configuration

◙ Identity Mappings

◙ Account Mapping & Attributes

Lifecycle Manage & Setup

◙ Lifecycle Configuration

◙ Full-Text Searching

◙ Creating Direct Links

Application Configuration

◙ Edit page Application

◙ Reconfiguration of Application

◙ Activity Data Configuration

Configuration of the Home Page Quick links

◙ Managing Quicklinks

◙ Dynamic Scope

Identity IQ Encryption

◙ Keystore Console Commands

◙ Encrypted Data Synchronization

◙ Using IdentityIQ Keystore

Provisioning with Identity IQ

◙ Recording Provisioning Requests

◙ Processing & Updating Provisioning Request Workflow

◙ Terminology and Workflow

◙ Attribute Selection

◙ Accessing XML

◙ XML Content

◙ Monitoring Workflows

Advanced Workflow Topics

◙ Loops within Workflow

◙ Launching Workflow & Forms

◙ Specifying Custom Forms

◙ Components of a Form

◙ Form Models

Define Policies

◙ Policies Page

◙ Edit Policy Page

◙ Working with Policies

Manage Work Items

◙ Work Item Administration

◙ Work Item Archive

Identity IQ Console

◙ Launching Console

◙ Command Syntax, Syntax for Redirecting Command Output Reporting

◙ Report Introduction

◙ Editing Report Page

◙ Scheduling Report Tab

◙ Developing Custom Reports

Group & Population User Interface

◙ Group Examples

◙ Population & Workgroups Tab

Application Password Management

◙ Enabling Password Management

◙ Configuring Application for Password Management

◙ Troubleshooting Password Management

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Sailpoint IIQ Training Training Features

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Solutions Manager
$128K per year

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SailPoint Dev. Operations Engineer
$130K per year

Sailpoint Architect
$156K per year

SailPoint IIQ Training Course Description

What is SailPoint
SailPoint is an advanced version of Identity management, which helps in decreasing the expense and challenges faced by the users and presents access to the users.

SailPoint IAM is software that presents an integrated strategy for reflecting the data from a database.

What are the prerequisites for this course
SailPoint presents the IdentityIQ application modules.

There are no particular prerequisites are needed for the SailPoint course but if you have an idea of Access management then you can easily understand the methods of the Identity IQ & access management (IAM) tool.

And basic knowledge of any programming language like Java & SQL will be an advantage for you.

Introduction to SailPoint
SailPoint IIQ is an administration solution that decreases the fares and difficulty of management by granting access to employees.

IdentityIQ provides a centralized program that leverages a basic identity frame. This offers it possible to consistently, apply enterprise, security strategy, and risk patterns to access-related exercises.

SailPoint Identity is a cloud-based integration module that presents supplying, access request, password management, and certification services, including applications.

Advantages of using SailPoint
The main advantages of SailPoint are security, risk reduction, password management, visibility, and compliance control.

All the information and passwords used by the industry are saved with security which makes the user recover them any time when required.
SailPoint offers permission controls that allow user access policies and business control policies, with others.

SailPoint is useful in monitoring who is performing what and who has access to the software. When you know these details, the employees will trust each other and reduce the pressure of your details or documents being missed.

Why should to learn SailPoint
SailPoint presents reliable and innovative identity and access management resolutions for provisioning as well as IDaaS and on-premises environments.

Therefore, the professionals are showing interest to learn SailPoint and it increasing greatly.

SailPoint is the trending software that is implemented in many organizations in the coming future. This is the reason why its demand is increasing more than ever.

Asha24, in this context, provides the best SailPoint tutorials where they provide excellent training material so that anyone can easily learn SailPoint and receive certification.

A successful career is only a click away. Use this opportunity and become proficient in the SailPoint professional.

Essential Features of SailPoint
SailPoint is developed to allow the user to manage the data securely with software, and applications that the firms regularly work.
Below are some essential features of SailPoint:
• Identity authority.
• Access Rights Request.
• Automated User Provisioning.
• Account Management.
• Password control,
• Compliance Restriction.
• Mobile Maintenance.

SailPoint IIQ Training FAQ’s

Do Asha24 provide a 100% money-back guarantee?
Yes, Asha24 provides a 100% money-back guarantee on fulfilling all the below checkpoints
1. This offers is only on instructor-led training
2. 95% class attendance
3. In the Test, you have to score 95% marks conducted by Asha24
What happens if I'm unable to attend the Asha24 online training session?
At Asha24, you’ll never miss a Session! You will be provided with the recorded class of that day.
When shall I get access to self-paced learning after enrollment?
Post-enrollment will provide access immediately, and you can start the course right away.
Do you provide placement assistance?
Asha24 works towards providing the best training & certification. We offer real-time case studies, interview preparation and resume assistant
We do not offer placement.

Workday is a cloud-based ERP software that specializes in resource planning, human capital management, and financial management applications
Workday is designed for medium-to-large-sized companies, especially companies with multiple locations, features like:
• Payroll Management
• Time tracking
• Human resource management (HRM).
• Talent management
• Data analysis
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Does Workday do?
Workday Suite includes Human Capital Management apps like benefits, talent management, recruitment, Workday payroll (for U.S., Canada and France), Workday financial, Workday learning and Workday planning & time tracking.
Workday provides a cloud-based HRIS system that helps organizations manage and streamline their HR operations. Workday’s HRIS solution aims to improve all aspects of HR management including employee experience, HR planning, and people analytics.
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How to use Workday?
You can avail Workday Tenant access from and get started with Workday Training.
Workday Application includes,
Workday Financial Management
Analytics, real-time, and other financial capabilities are just a few of the many options available to you.
* Accounting and Financial Reporting can help you
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Workday Human Capital Management (HCM)
Workday HCM, the only global enterprise software that unifies human resources, benefits, talent management, payroll, and time tracking
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* Payroll

Professional Services Automation (PSA).
Automation in Workday Professional Services is changing
Organizations that can manage and execute are the winners
Client-facing billable projects. Human fully unified
Capital Management and Workday PSA simplify recruiting
Staffing, development, and retention of your most valued employees
Your people are your resource Workday supports the full billable
Project lifecycle includes:
* Project and Resource Management
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* Tracking of Time and Expense
* Revenue Recognition and Billing
* Analytics and Reporting

Insight Applications
Insight Applications combines historical analysis with the ability to create insights. Workday always provides non-Workday data. The applications then use machine learning and data. Science to provide new insights that guide decision-making. Answer questions like “Which employees have the highest salaries?” What is the risk of leaving your organization? Impact if they are absent?
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* Addresses specific business scenarios
* Combination of data from Workday and non-Workday
Data sources
* Machine learning and data science are both applicable
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Predictions and information
* Prescribes actions that have a likely impact

What is the difference between Self-Paced learning and Online Classroom Training?
Self-Paced learning module includes Tool Plus Complete video course library Plus Documents


Online Classroom module includes the Live Instructor Interaction Plus Tool along Free Self-Paced materials

Is it possible to Switch from Self-Paced learning and Online Classroom training?
Yes, you can definitely switch to Self-paced learning to Online classroom and vice versa.
How can I raise a ticket with the support team?
Asha24 is offering 24*7 support to resolve your issue. The maximum time to resolve your ticket is 24hrs.
Is the free course free?
Each course has a free demo session/free learning so that you can get a good and clear idea of the concept.
What is the meaning of sailpoint identityiq?
SailPoint IdentityIQ offers an Identity and Access Management (IAM) service for business customers that offers certified access for automated purposes, policies management authorization request, provisioning of access, management of passwords as well as identity and access intelligence. Learn sailpoint training online
How can I learn to sailpoint?
Sailpoint offers unique solutions for managing access and identity to manage provisioning, administration and access management with IDaas or on prem.How to get sailpoint certification

If you’re looking to master Sailpoint If you are interested in learning Sailpoint, I’ll direct you to

Since it offers a free class on the basics of Sailpoint and will provide you the information on what exactly is Sailpoint.Learn sailpoint online training

How do I create a an individual connector for sailpoint?
unzip your identityiq.war, you’ll find a JAR file called WEB-INF/lib/connector-bundle.jar. That’s the JAR in which you’ll find AbstractConnector. After you’ve created your connector’s code, then you’ll have to compile and package it into the JAR file. Then, you can place in WEB-INF/lib.Know how to learn sailpoint training free

In the end, you’ll need to change your ConnectorRegistry class (under the Configuration section on the screen for debugging) to point to this new type, making it an application type. If it is configured with custom connection parameters (as many have) then you’ll require an xhtml webpage to be embedded in Sailpoint’s Sailpoint UI to prompt the user to configure the Application.Where to get sailpoint

How do you integrate web services into sailpoint?
The integration of provisioning and IT service management tools allows companies to be aware and interoperability. SailPoint workflows may be initiated using an IIQ REST API in order to achieve this integration.Learn sailpoint online training
Why should you use REST API as well as Workflow Launch for Application Integration?
It is the REST API is the most popular method to integrate applications. Workflows offer a quick and easy method to extract input information from the application and provide meaningful results.Where to get sailpoint

The development of a customisation to implement an e-commerce web service designed specifically for use is feasible. This method requires the creation of custom methods to be used within the web layer, and altering the configuration of the application to make them available.Learn sailpoint training online

Workflows can be altered in the SailPoint User Interface. Workflows can include Beanshell code that is inline, or rules for the library Java method call. The response format is restricted to the JSON representation of the Java HashMap.Where to get sailpoint

How Do I Start?
Use a REST API testing tool.

Design the process.

Set up inputs and return.

Workflows are a way to provide data to a requesting application. The data is the result from the process in map format. The map is then converted in an JSON response.Where to get sailpoint

what does sailpoint do?
SailPoint Technologies, Inc. offers security software and services. The company offers identity management software that integrates access request, role as well as compliance and file management solutions.Know how to learn sailpoint training free
What is sailpoint identity governance?
Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) is also called identity security is the heart of IT operations, supporting and securing digital identities of all users applications, data and information.Know how to learn sailpoint training free

SailPoint Cloud Governance uncovers and safeguards all cloud platforms and resources. Utilizing AI as well as machine-learning, the system instantly learns, tracks and secures access without slowing your business. Find out who has access throughout your multiple cloud systems. Learn sailpoint online training

How do I find out about SailPoint IdentityIQ? What is the sailpoint iiq?
SailPoint IdentityIQ offers an authentication and management system for enterprises that offers an array of IAM processes, including automated access certificates and access request management, policy management as well as provisioning of passwords as well as identity and access intelligence.Know how to learn sailpoint training free

Additionally, IdentityIQ has a flexible connectivity model that eases the management of applications that run in the datacenter or cloud. Learn sailpoint online training

Compliance Manager IdentityIQ Compliance Manager automates access certifications, policies management,

and audit reports by establishing a single and audit reporting through a unified governance and audit reporting framework that is unified in its governance. This allows you to simplify and audit reporting through a unified governance framework.Know how to learn sailpoint training free

processes and increase the efficiency of governance for identity, all while reducing costs.

Lifecycle Manager IdentityIQ Lifecycle Manager manages changes to access by providing a easy-to-use self-service requests and password management interfaces as well as automated lifecycle events. It offers a flexible, adaptable solution to address the ever-changing requirements for access of your company with a method that’s efficient and legally compliant. Where to get sailpoint

AI Services – Integrating AI Services within IdentityIQ will allow the service to be delivered as predictive Identity. AI Services is a rule machine learning engine that is based on identity graph technology to give suggestions for reviewing access and access request decision-making. When AI Services enabled, you can also examine the history of access for identity cubes. You can also create dashboards that are customizable from an administrative standpoint and see peer groups in AI Services’ AI Services user interface. Where to get sailpoint

The Privileged Account Management moduleIdentityIQ Privileged account Management module offers

A standard approach for expanding crucial control and identity management processes to account holders with high privileges that allow IdentityIQ to serve as an integrated platform for governing ordinary and highly privilege accounts.

Connectors, as well as Integration Modules -IdentityIQ provides Connectors and Integration Modules IdentityIQ provides Integration Modules that can be used to support the expanded.Know how to learn sailpoint training free

enterprise IT infrastructure. Provisioning by third party providers and integration of service desks allow multiple fulfillment sources for access to changes. Integration with the service catalog provides an unifying experience for service requests with integrated management and fulfillment. Mobile device management integrates to reduce the risk of mobile devices with centralized monitoring, control and automation. IdentityIQ’s IT security integration gives you increased security and improved response and control. Where to get sailpoint

Open Identity Platform — SailPoint’s Open Identity Platform lays the base for scalable and effective IAM within the corporate. It provides a framework that centralizes data on identity and captures policy of the business and roles, and adopts a risk-based, strategic approach for managing resources and users. It is Open Identity Platform is fully adaptable, offering solid analytics that converts disparate and technical information about identity into useful business data, and resource connectivity that allows companies to connect directly IdentityIQ to applications that run within the datacenter or the cloud, as well as APIs as well as a plugin framework to enable partners and customers to expand IdentityIQ to satisfy a broad variety of needs. Open platforms allow organizations to develop an integrated security and detective control system that is compatible with all identity-related business processes across all applications in the datacenter as well as in the cloud. SailPoint IdentityIQ offers the same management across compliance, provisioning and access management procedures which maximizes investment while removing the requirement to purchase and connect multiple applications. Know how to learn sailpoint training free

Password Manager IdentityIQ Password Management offers a simple solution to manage the user

passwords across cloud and on-premises application policies on any computer as well as mobile. With its intuitive self-service and delegated administrative options to manage passwords, while also enforcing an high-end passwords, IdentityIQ allows companies to cut operating costs and increase productivity. Know how to learn sailpoint training free

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Governance Module — Allows companies to extend the the existing capabilities for managing compliance and identity of IdentityIQ to critical AWS IaaS-based environments that provide one central point of access as well as administration and management across the entire enterprise. It includes policies discovery as well as access history for all accounts, as well as provisioning AWS objects and entities as well as access review and certification as well as federated access support.Know how to learn sailpoint training free

SAP Governance Module Enhances user experience through the introduction of an enhanced visual interface for navigation and selecting SAP roles and identities as part of IdentityIQ’s Lifecycle Management and Compliance solutions. SAP data is displayed in the familiar hierarchy format which closely matches the resources of deployed systems along with organizational frameworks. New filters allow for faster browsing and the selection of SAP data, allowing tasks to be completed faster. A more granular approach to aid for Separation of Duty (SOD) violation policies gives the ability for customers to design more precise identity governance policies that contain SAP details on roles like T-Codes and Authorization Objects. Know how to learn sailpoint training free

How do I Install and Deploy SailPoint IdentityIQ?
In the installation and deployment process, you need to install a brand new Web application to your application server. You must also create a database from scratch and modify its schema within an instance of a database server. Be sure that you have all the authorization credentials before beginning installing and deploying. The IdentityIQ application as well as the IdentityIQ database can be located in the exact same location on the server.Know how to learn sailpoint training free

The process of installation and deployment comprises the following elements:

* Download and then expand your installation file.

* Set the amount of attributes that are searchable and extended that are allowed in your environment.

* Create the necessary databases and tables to run IdentityIQ.

Configure the IdentityIQ database to allow it to be connected.

* Log in to IdentityIQ to continue the configuration of your company. Know how to learn sailpoint training free

Which mysql version can be used with the sailpoint 7.2?
The brand new SailPoint setting (SailPoint Version 7.2 along with MySQL database version 8.0.11) following the creation of the IdentityIQ schema within the MySQL database, you can execute the script for creation. Learn sailpoint online training

If you attempt to reset the password for your account, you’ll get the error code if the password is containing a character or word. Know how to learn sailpoint training free

How can I troubleshoot login issues with sailpoint?
Reset on the password. Learn sailpoint online training
How do I integrate sailpoint with it?
Integrate with SailPoint

Privileged Access Manager fills SailPoint Integration Tables with Privileged Access Management Users (with current User Group and Role assignments) Roles, Roles, Users Groups, and Roles. Access Manager Roles that are privileged as well as user groups are imported into SailPoint to be designated as entitlements. Privileged Access Manager users are imported and converted into IdentityIQ users in SailPoint. When changes are made in Privileged Access Manager the tables are updated at an interval that can be set. Learn sailpoint online training

1. Installation

2. Privileged Access Manager configuration

3. SailPoint Configuration

4. Operations and Attributes

5. Aggregation Tasks

6. Workflow Example

7. Activity Log

Setting Up
We know that SailPoint is integrated with licensed options for privileged access managers. SailPoint also works by using the method known as SailPoint STI (simple tables integration). SailPoint also uses the port number 3306 to communicate with users. Learn sailpoint online training

The steps involved include:

1. The first step is to go into the privy access management systemThen select the third point then select “SailPoint”.

2. You will need to fill in your “Database user” as well as “Database password” In this case, you will need to enter the password that is used to configure SailPoint configuration.

3. It’s now time to configure the update interval to ensure that the Access privilege manager is always looking for new SailPoint requests for data, and then exports relevant data onto the SailPoint.

4. Enter at the very least 1 SailPoint Server address. These addresses function as connections that allow SailPoint integration. It is made up of an Internet Protocol address, an FQDN and SailPoint hostnames for configuration.

5. Click on”Save” to store the SailPoint Configuration settings.

6. Click the Install button to configure your SailPoint Table integration. This installation is performed only one time at the same time. The button will be activated in the event that SailPoint is licensed. SailPoint is licensed. It will be removed the installation button after you have completed the installation.

7. Choose the Download option that is contained within the Zip file. You will then be able to access the protected access manager application. Make use of this type of file when setting up to connect with the SailPoint application. Then, unzip the file to save the settings you set up. The type of file used is XML.

8. Make use of the Import button that is an optional option and privileged access management manager to examine the queues of provisioning. Importing is done automatically and can also be updated to modify to the settings for intervals.

9. Here , the export button is also an option and makes use of the privilege access manager to fill in with the SailPoint tables. Learn sailpoint online training

SailPoint configuration
Before you are able to integrate with SailPoint You must install the software below,

1. Install the life cycle management (LCM) module to enable SailPoint integration.

2. Install then the STI (simple Table Integration). How to get sailpoint certification

It's time to start SailPoint configuration: SailPoint configuration
1. Go to SailPoint identity IQ page after that, click the gear icon for configurationThen select the settings.

2. Then, import the file option, which is in the left-hand corner.

3. You must now select the file you want to download in the Import object section. The file format should be in an XML file format. It must be downloaded at the process of privileged management configuration. How to get sailpoint certification

4. Select to import.

5. After that, go to the application tab to see the definition of the application click on that option. Then select the CAPam application. The Edit CAPam application screen.

6. Choose the file for configuration.

7. In the settings section, type in the correct password for connection. This is not accessible in the form of XML files. Where to get sailpoint

8. Then you must fill in the objects and attributes such as a role, a user group role, and user group.

9. Choose the test connectionIf the connection is successful, you’ll receive the message that the test was successful. If not, modify the password and double-check the password. Where to get sailpoint

10. Then , click”Save” to backup the settings.

SailPoint Configuration of IdentityIQ
1. Under the configuration section, select the policy for privileged managers.

2. Under object type, choose the account type you want to create user and type.

3. Choose the attributethen select the last name.

4. Select the value settingswhere the last name is listed as a static number.

5. Restore the setting.

6. On the “edit application” page, click “edit.” CAPam page for policy passwords Configuring default password and details for the privileged access manager. Where to get sailpoint

The steps involved in creating the user's profile
For this, you will require users with local Auth type and the creation of parameters are also needed. Here are some attributes: Where to get sailpoint

A. First name: Defines user first name.

b. Last name: Defines user last name.

c. Email: Defines user mail id.

D. Password: This specifies the password used to authenticate the user.

e. Type of Auth users need to select the local or CAC. (Maybe people using smart cards).

F. IIQdisabled is true if the user is disabled, or false if the user is disabled.

g. User groups and roles These can be assigned to users as entitlements.
Learn sailpoint online training

Aggregate tasks
Aggregate tasks are described in SailPoint to gather information about users and entitlements of the managers of access privileges. How to get sailpoint certification

Here are the steps needed to take on a broader task:

1. Click on the Menu SailPoint tab and then select the task to setup.

The two tasks are setup by using an initial setup.

A. Accumulation of CAPam accounts: this job reads the restricted access manager, and it helps to keep up-to-date with entitlements and users.

B. CAPam group aggregation: This task assists in reading the privileged access management group and user roles, and generates SailPoint entitlement. SailPoint entitlement.

2. For scheduling a job click on the privilege access manager task, click then schedule it via the drop down menu. This will display the new task manager.

3. Select the tab for the scheduled task and edit the schedules , then click”run” to edit the following task schedule tab. it will then begin the task.

4. If you’d like to view the complete listing of SailPoint entitlements, navigate into the menu main> entitlement catalog and applications. Learn sailpoint online training

Activity log to establish for SailPoint integration
This log is mostly used to provide information on SailPoint integration. In thiscase, you need to carry out actions like creating deletion, update, or create actions along with the results and plan. To access the log of activities within SailPoint, you can access the SailPoint integration. Learn sailpoint training online

1. Go to the tab for configurationThen select the 3rd party option -> select SailPoint.

2. Select the Activity Log button.

3. The log table can be sortable by clicking on column headings. With the aid of this heading, you can filter your information and regulate it.

4. The information columns give warning of an error if needed. Where to get sailpoint

How to utilize webservices in sailpoint for beginners ' guide
how to utilize webservices in sailpoint for beginners ‘ guide

SailPoint offers a variety of predefined REST web service that allow you to invoke specific functions using an internet service client. Learn sailpoint training online

If you require to complete a task or report outside of the Sailpoint console or UI directly, you may make use of the web services option. It could also be a general need.

Web services can be utilized in two ways within Sailpoint. How to get sailpoint certification

Utilizing the IIQclient class
Designing a custom web service
Utilizing the IIQclient as a class

Install the identityiq.jar file using eclipse. This jar contains the class sailpoint.integration.IIQClient; which contains the default functions provided by sailpoint to call the web services. Learn sailpoint online training
Create a sample class that will create an Iiqclient class, which can be used to call functions that are available to the public.
Get the REST API Integration PDF from compass. It contains all the functions described in more detail.
Custom Web Service

Making a custom web services that meet the requirements is the most effective method to create the functionality in accordance with the needs. Know how to learn sailpoint training free
Create a custom webservice method class that extends BaseResource class.
BaseResource class gives you the context object for sailpoint that allows you to design methods as needed.
Create a class which will extend the to include the method create in step3
Go to web.xml and modify the value of to your custom class.
You can now access the custom webservice from any application that can support access REST-based webservices.
The format of the return of REST Web services is JSON that must be converted in order to process correctly. Where to get sailpoint

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