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Sailpoint Training & Certification

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Many organizations – Deloitte, Edgile, Focal Point Data Risk, Grabowsky, Identropy, IDMWORKS- has partnered with Sailpoint setting new industry benchmarks, with certification programs playing a key role in the partner network. So get started today with the demo.

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Why Sailpoint is the Best Career Move?

Sailpoints client network is very strong, they hold 1300 companies of which some of which are banks, pharmaceuticals & federal agencies.

The future for Sailpoint is very bright as it is the leading Identity governance company across the globe & the supply of resources is always high.

Learning Sailpoint with Asha24 which has experienced & qualified instructors who hold good real-time experience & hone your skills to the next level.

Sailpoint Training & Certification Course Overview

Sailpoint Training is Saas identity analytics that distinctively integrates Role management, Access request management, and Compliance management that allows you to easily control user access to all systems and applications. Identity security is the most effortless approach to execute your digital change quicker and lessen risks. All leading companies are implementing this tool so start learning this course & help your organization in growing.

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Training Options

Sailpoint Training Key Features

  • RLifetime access to the complete course
  • 100% Money back guarantee!!!
  • R25 Hours training with recorded sessions and materials
  • R24*7 Support from our team of administrators

Skills Covered

  • \Comprehensive understanding of Identity & IAM
  • \Insights Gain 360° visibility into client access, movement, and dangerous outliers.
  • \You can implement & use the Sailpoint tool to its best.
  • \Learn best industrial practices from experts

Sailpoint Training Course Curriculum


The Sailpoint Training Certification is for candidates from ERP background, Mainframe background, Testing background and BPO background.


Sailpoint doesn’t need to require any prerequisites but if you have basic knowledge of Java is an addon.

Course Content

Identity IQ Settings & Configuration

◙ Identity IQ Global Settings & Configuration

◙ Login Configuration

◙ Identity Mappings

◙ Account Mapping & Attributes

Lifecycle Manage & Setup

◙ Lifecycle Configuration 

◙ Full-Text Searching

◙ Creating Direct Links

Application Configuration

◙ Edit page Application

◙ Reconfiguration of Application

◙ Activity Data Configuration

Configuration of the Home Page Quick links

◙ Managing Quicklinks

◙ Dynamic Scope

Identity IQ Encryption

◙ Keystore Console Commands

◙ Encrypted Data Synchronization

◙ Using IdentityIQ Keystore

Provisioning with Identity IQ

◙ Recording Provisioning Requests

◙ Processing & Updating Provisioning Request Workflow

◙ Terminology and Workflow

◙ Attribute Selection

◙ Accessing XML

◙ XML Content

◙ Monitoring Workflows

Advanced Workflow Topics

◙ Loops within Workflow

◙ Launching Workflow & Forms

◙ Specifying Custom Forms

◙ Components of a Form

◙ Form Models

Define Policies

◙ Policies Page

◙ Edit Policy Page

◙ Working with Policies

Manage Work Items

◙ Work Item Administration

◙ Work Item Archive

Identity IQ Console

◙ Launching Console

◙ Command Syntax, Syntax for Redirecting Command Output Reporting

◙ Report Introduction

◙ Editing Report Page

◙ Scheduling Report Tab

◙ Developing Custom Reports

Group & Population User Interface

◙ Group Examples

◙ Population & Workgroups Tab

Application Password Management

◙ Enabling Password Management

◙ Configuring Application for Password Management

◙ Troubleshooting Password Management

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Sailpoint Course Certification

Asha24’s Sailpoint Certificate Holders work at companies like

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SailPoint Training Features

Instructor-led Sessions

25 hrs of Online Live Instructor-led Classes. Weekend class: 10 sessions of 2.5 hours each. Weekday class: 25 sessions of 1 hour each.

Real-life Case Studies

25 hrs of Online Live Instructor-led Classes. Weekend class: 10 sessions of 2.5 hours each. Weekday class: 25 sessions of 1 hour each.

Instructor-led Sessions

25 hrs of Online Live Instructor-led Classes. Weekend class: 10 sessions of 2.5 hours each. Weekday class: 25 sessions of 1 hour each.

SailPoint Training Course Description

What is SailPoint
SailPoint is an advanced version of Identity management, which helps in decreasing the expense and challenges faced by the users and presents access to the users.

SailPoint IAM is software that presents an integrated strategy for reflecting the data from a database.

What are the prerequisites for this course
SailPoint presents the IdentityIQ application modules.

There are no particular prerequisites are needed for the SailPoint course but if you have an idea of Access management then you can easily understand the methods of the Identity IQ & access management (IAM) tool.

And basic knowledge of any programming language like Java & SQL will be an advantage for you.

Introduction to SailPoint
SailPoint IIQ is an administration solution that decreases the fares and difficulty of management by granting access to employees.

IdentityIQ provides a centralized program that leverages a basic identity frame. This offers it possible to consistently, apply enterprise, security strategy, and risk patterns to access-related exercises.

SailPoint Identity is a cloud-based integration module that presents supplying, access request, password management, and certification services, including applications.

Advantages of using SailPoint
The main advantages of SailPoint are security, risk reduction, password management, visibility, and compliance control.

All the information and passwords used by the industry are saved with security which makes the user recover them any time when required.
SailPoint offers permission controls that allow user access policies and business control policies, with others.

SailPoint is useful in monitoring who is performing what and who has access to the software. When you know these details, the employees will trust each other and reduce the pressure of your details or documents being missed.

Why should to learn SailPoint
SailPoint presents reliable and innovative identity and access management resolutions for provisioning as well as IDaaS and on-premises environments.

Therefore, the professionals are showing interest to learn SailPoint and it increasing greatly.

SailPoint is the trending software that is implemented in many organizations in the coming future. This is the reason why its demand is increasing more than ever.

Asha24, in this context, provides the best SailPoint tutorials where they provide excellent training material so that anyone can easily learn SailPoint and receive certification.

A successful career is only a click away. Use this opportunity and become proficient in the SailPoint professional.

Essential Features of SailPoint
SailPoint is developed to allow the user to manage the data securely with software, and applications that the firms regularly work.
Below are some essential features of SailPoint:
• Identity authority.
• Access Rights Request.
• Automated User Provisioning.
• Account Management.
• Password control,
• Compliance Restriction.
• Mobile Maintenance.

Sailpoint Training Online & Certification Course FAQ’s

Do Asha24 provide a 100% money-back guarantee?
Yes, Asha24 provides a 100% money-back guarantee on fulfilling all the below checkpoints
1. This offers is only on instructor-led training
2. 95% class attendance
3. In the Test, you have to score 95% marks conducted by Asha24
What happens if I'm unable to attend the Asha24 online training session?
At Asha24, you’ll never miss a Session! You will be provided with the recorded class of that day.
When shall I get access to self-paced learning after enrollment?
Post-enrollment will provide access immediately, and you can start the course right away.
Do you provide placement assistance?
Asha24 works towards providing the best training & certification. We offer real-time case studies, interview preparation and resume assistant
We do not offer placement.
What is Sailpoint?
SailPoint refers to an open-source Identity Governance platform that empowers the organization to make an identity-enabled enterprise setup by integrating Data, Device & Applications in one aligned stream.
What is Cloud Identity Management?
For the data backed up in the cloud, cyber-attacks and secrecy are the main concerns. The process of providing authentication and authorization for a cloud environment is called Cloud Identity Management. So that only an authorized person can access the data on the cloud. It makes the cloud environment more visible and secure to any organization with complex or unique data storage needs.
Explain about audit configuration.
We can specify actions for the collected audit logs on the audit configuration page. These logs will then be used for audit search. Collecting logs and storing information will affect performance. So, an admin has to specify actions in IdentityIQ even before the audit logs are collected.

The audit configuration page contains

General actions
Link attribute changes
Identity attribute changes
Class actions

What do you know about the Governance Platform?
The governance platform in SailPoint is used for effective IAM within the enterprise. It manages users and resources through a single platform, which centralizes identity data, captures business policy, and models roles. It applies consistent governance across compliance and provisioning processes. It streamlines compliance controls and improves audit performance.
Define the term Compliance Manager.
Compliance manager is used to automating access certifications, audit reporting, and policy management through a governance framework. It reduces cost and improves the efficiency of identity governance. It enables audit production through mechanical entrance and policy enforcement. It also streamlines the compliance controls and focuses on the access privileges, users, and resources that portray a potential risk.
What is SailPoint IIQ?
SailPoint IIQ or SailPoint IdentityIQ is a cloud-based platform that gives full visibility into the identity aspects of your environment. The dashboard provides complete visibility of user access across the organization so that the managers make the right access decisions. It offers AI-powered certifications to verify employee access for security.
Explain about Identity Warehouse.
Identity Warehouse is the central repository for identity and access data across an organization. It is populated by importing access data from several sources like databases, platforms, business applications, SaaS applications, etc. It links individual accounts to create a user’s Identity Cube. This identity cube provides a multi-dimensional view of each individual along with their access.
What is a Role Modeler?
The role model reduces complexity and simplifies user administration. It allows organizations to define, request, and approve policies and certify access using business roles. Users will be able to create roles quickly. The role model ensures that the created roles are in sync with organizational and IT changes. It offers features like role certifications, role quality metrics, role approvals, and role analytics.
What are the solution components in SailPoint?
The following are the primary solution components in SailPoint.

Compliance Manager
Lifecycle Manager
Access Manager
Identity Intelligence
Governance Platform
Connectivity Foundation

Explain about SailPoint’s Connectivity Foundation
SailPoint comes with pre-built integration to over 80 cloud and on-premises resources through the connectivity foundation. It also provides integration options for third-party provisioning tools, service desk systems, etc. It offers manual provisioning access through help desks and work queues. It gives maximum flexibility to organizations to provision changes in whatever way they need.
What is the difference between Self-Paced learning and Online Classroom Training?
Self-Paced learning module includes Tool Plus Complete video course library Plus Documents


Online Classroom module includes the Live Instructor Interaction Plus Tool along Free Self-Paced materials

Is it possible to Switch from Self-Paced learning and Online Classroom training?
Yes, you can definitely switch to Self-paced learning to Online classroom and vice versa.
How can I raise a ticket with the support team?
Asha24 is offering 24*7 support to resolve your issue. The maximum time to resolve your ticket is 24hrs.
Is the free course free?
Each course has a free demo session/free learning so that you can get a good and clear idea of the concept.

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