Blue Prism Training & Certification

Master Blue Prism – World’s No.1 Robotic Process Automation Software for a promising career in automation industry. Get ably trained with certification guidance in implementing virtual workforce and building highly efficient end-to-end business processes through AI.

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Many Fortune 500 companies have partnered with Blue Prism to optimise it to be the world’s leading digital workforce technology.
Blue Prism Certified professionals averagely earn around $ 70,000 annually.
By 2020, estimation of over 5 Million jobs to be available in the automation and robotics industry.
Blue Prism is majorly a code free technology, can be learnt without coding knowledge.
The functional method is fairly simple as all functions feature as tabs in a single application.
Learn the basic fundamentals of Robotic Process Automation.
Learn to use Blue Prism professionally to bestow your organisation with excellent productivity through a super efficient virtual workforce.
Gain a comprehensive understanding of the infrastructure and installation models of Blue Prism.
Hands-on knowledge on all aspects of Blue Prism functionality
Understand Blue Prism administration.
Leverage skills in Java Access Bridge and Login Agent.
Learn to connect business objects to different application user interfaces, including browser-based HTML interfaces, Windows interfaces, interfaces made using Java, etc.
Practically learn creation and maintenance of automated marketing campaigns.
Get skilled to track customer behaviours through analytics.
Acquire proficiency to work as Blue Prism Developer, Admin or Architect.
With the boom in technology, the career focus has been shifted towards a more technological notion. In the present generation, there are various ways in which you can make a career by learning various software programs and getting hired in top-notch multinational companies around the world.
Gone are those days when you had to hunt for a registered institute which would help you with learning the software programs. In the present scenario, when everything can be done online, why not learning?
Asha24 realizes this nitty gritty and it is for this essential reason that they have crafted a prolific platform which helps you in learning courses online which will amplify your possibilities in becoming successful in your career. The various online courses provided are student friendly and provide an in-depth detail of each and every course. Asha24 realizes that no one likes to learn in a boring way and it is for this reason that the online platform has made sure that they help the students in learning courses as interactive as possible so that it is a win-win situation.
They provide many pieces of training and tutorials and one of it is Blue Prism training.
With the advent of automation in each and every sector, businesses are on a pro side because with the rise in demand with customer’s expectations, with the changing needs in businesses and to keep up with the competition, one needs to pay attention to a lot of factors. It is during this situation that the software robots are coming in handy because this automated workforce is providing results which the customers expect, which will further enable the businesses to grow in an ample manner. Blue Prism comes into the picture because it is one of the finest Robotic Process Automation Software technologies, which fits perfect for the error-free enterprise solutions. Since this is one of the leading tools in the industry, one can make a career as becoming a Blue Prism expert by receiving Blue Prism online training. The demand for the RPA is increasing and it is estimated by 2020 that more than 5 million jobs will be available in the field of robotics and automation industry.
It is also noted that the RPA will be incorporating AI for not only advanced decision making but also for inference. There will be six areas of banks which will be completely automated. Some of the RPA tools are already being used for many businesses.

By receiving an RPA tutorial, the Blue Prism developer will be able to:
1. Enhancing the skills in the Blue Prism Infrastructure, Administrative services and the installations
2. Receive knowledge on how Blue Prism works and the diverse areas of RPA’s
3. Get an in-depth know-how of the Installations and Infrastructure models
4. Be adept in skills in Login Agent and Java Access Bridge
5. Get knowledge about the setup and essentials of the Blue Prism
6. Grasp about the Blue Prism Administration
7. Receive skills in roles, permission and user

If you are already a Blue Prism Developer, you will be able to leverage your career if you will receive Blue Prism Certification since the corporate world will accept the profile which has an array of technical certifications and it would also imply that you are adept and robust in the technical knowledge, which would also mean that you will have a high chance of being hired by the MNC’s. The pro’s of being certified in the Blue Prism tool would be that:
1. You will be termed and labelled as a distinguished expert in the IT market, which in turn will increase your chance of getting hired and will also make, your resume stand out from the rest.
2. In the area of the automation platform, you will be racing low in competition.
3. You are remunerated extensively with an uncommon package.
4. You will be able to create a well versed and technology-oriented tools and also techniques using the RPA structure
Asha24 understands this important criterion and it is for this reason that they provide Blue Prism tutorials, Blue Prism training materials and everything else which would require one to become a prodigy in Blue Prism.Since it is code free software, one can learn it without any coding knowledge. We provide state-of-the-art and globally professional IT courses training which will give the learner hands-on experience with the examples from real-time scenarios by the experts. They are one of the largest providers of high-quality courses and in this context; they provide proficient blue prism online training.
The training is not only conceptualized but also initiated with certified instructors who have ample years of experience in their field. They provide a 100% job Blue Prism certification which is job oriented. The training is conducted withthe real-time scenarios by the instructors who have live and self-paced video learning. They surely ascertain that after the completion of the Blue Prism online training, the learner will have an in-depth knowledge of every module of the technology. The learner will also gain knowledge as per the industry standards so that every learner will get the best career advancement. They also provide demos so that the learner can get a gist of what he/she will be learning about.
The Blue Prism training provided by Asha24 will cover all the essential details and will make the learner become proficient in the field of technology. You will be able to learn the technical basics from your own computer and the practical training includes courses from basics to advance. The courses provided will make sure that the learners learn fast because of the perfect demonstration since it is crafted for beginners to advanced learners. There are also practical assignments conducted at the end of every session and there are also live project works with examples. So what’s the wait? Join the RPA tutorial for beginners or for advanced learners and become an expert.

Course Curriculum

1.1 – Blue Prism’s Robotic Automation
2.1 – Running a Process
2.2 – Basic Skills
2.3 – Process Validation
2.4 – Decision Stage
2.5 – Calculation Stage
2.6 – Data Items
2.7 – Review
3.1 – Decisions
3.2 – Circular Paths
3.3 – Controlling Play
3.4 – Set Next Stage
3.5 – Breakpoints
3.6 – Collections and Loops
3.7 – Layers of Logic
3.8 – Pages for Organization
3.9 – Review
4.1 – Input Parameters
4.2 – Stepping and Pages
4.3 – Data Item Visibility
4.4 – Data Types
4.5 – Output Parameters
4.6 – Start-up Parameters
4.7 – Control Room
4.8 – Process Outputs
4.9 – Review