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Terms & Conditions

Once you sign up, it declares that you had accepted our agreements, warranties, and Terms & Conditions.

If the agreement is not taken, then the user is not permitted to proceed for further use, like blogs, and content that is available on our website which is completely under observation.

Creating an Account:

While registering, it notices that you are agreed to our conditions. And then you can create an account, to keep the credentials with you as that is confidential.

Your account is not provided to other users as it is strictly prohibited, if anything finds the access will be blocked along with complete actions without any prior notice.

You need to take care of managing your account as it is your responsibility.

If you find any misusage or any other aspirant logged in your access, immediately you can reach our Help & Support team.

And you need to proper steps to stop such unauthorized actions.

Asha24 is not answerable for any requests related to your account misuse or hacking, as credentials are maintained by yourself.

Content and courseware:
Under Asha24, we will grant complete access to our website, assignments, materials, and other information like Videos, graphics, etc which are specifically related to the course training.
These all can be done once you register for the course us.
We as a provider possess complete powers to revise, update and change/correct the provided to you.
And once the Software is get updated, you need to pay an extra fare to get an advanced or updated course.

Website and Services Usage:
You will be getting complete access to the modified, non-transferable, non-exclusive, and revocable software to use the services and the course you enrolled for till you complete your training course.

The accesses are provided individually for every participant which helps you in doing your course and the certification that you registered for.

The user is not allowed to download, save, print the content or documents that are granted only to you, instead you can browse the entire course through our website.
You are restricted to share, distribute, telecast or reproduce the materials to any third party, in any way or through any manner for any other individual necessities without any permissions.

Intellectual/Conceptual Rights:
Once you get unlimited and exclusive access to utilize Asha24 services and the courses for the Restricted outlined as per the agreement.
You have to accept that, Asha24 has complete powers over the materials and the training course provided, and the information presented on the pages.

Once you agree to the points mentioned, other than letting you use the Services and the information for the limited View will not carry to you from any right or in any manner of proprietary or any other website services & Course.
Maintenance of Personal Information of Users:
ASha24 reserves complete rights to promote the videos and other materials used by the participant.
Asha24 can access your details to communicate about the training sessions and other events conducted by the company.
The company or agents, never share or disclose your details to any database for marketing on basis of validation, if any requirements are applicable.

Deficiency of Responsibility:
Asha24 is not accountable for the actions or access of your training will be constant or error-free, and no assurance for the output received from the Website usage and the course content is accuracy or reliability provided.
While training, any person can enter or involve in producing, announcements for any special, incidental, damages arising out of the use of the course.
The obligation mentioned in the article pertains to any losses caused by any error, performances, deletion, interruption, in the maintenance of software, failure in communication, or unapproved access, adjustment of material, whether for violation of agreement, negligence or under any other reason of performance.

Thus, especially confirm that the Asha24 company is not answerable for any rude, insulting, or unauthorized control of other users of the course you enrolled for or the services of the Website and that the risk of loss from the previous holds solely with each participant.

Our contract or the directors, employees, and agents, rising to any king of legal claim in any way of the website services or the course, shall not be more the free you paid to Asha24 for the particular training course.

Terms and User Termination:
1) This is more effective on your agreement of the terms which is subject to the terms and conditions agreement, and that depends on the maintenance of your account or account deactivation done by the company.
2) The company Asha24 reserves the complete right to deactivate your account from the website to restrict your access with an immediate effect by informing you through email if such termination did result from your misconduct or misrepresentation of your access.
3) On any training, the company holds complete rights, and solutions are accepted under this agreement to ask compensation for any loss while conducting the training sessions.

Indemnity or Reimbursement:
Our directors, employees, agents, and contractors always assist towards any issues, damages, and expenses include the payment resulting from unapproved use of the services, and the access of this Agreement or any requirements.

Waiver or Reservation:
If any time consumption in the training course to conduct any remedy, or privilege shall be considered as a waiver.
The terms can be considered as a Reservation unless such approval will be appointed by the learner to claim the waived.

During training, any statement of this agreement is not valid as per any laws of India, can carrion with the other provisions with complete effect, and the points can be reframed by adjusting such invalid terms with useful and valid points that affect the thoughts of the participants as represented.
Jurisdiction and Governing Law

For the learners who are from the U. S. A., this agreement shall be governed and reconstructed as per the laws of New York and the courts in New York have private authority over any matter related to or in connection with this agreement.
For the learners who are not from the U. S. A., this agreement shall be governed and reconstructed as per the laws of INDIA, It contains special authority over any matter related to or in connection with this agreement.

Assignment and Amendment:
The Asha24 holds full rights to adjust or change the terms and conditions of this agreement without any prior information nor notice to the users.
Hence, we declare the revised terms on the website, so that all the participants can identify the modifications and changes made.

You need to accept and agree to those revised agreements as it is your responsibility to monitor the Website frequently for any updates, modifications, and revisions.

The information read by the user on the website needs to analyze the revised agreement and should accept them.
The user is not permitted to modify or edit the points and never hold any rights in this agreement to any third party.

The final statement of an Agreement:
The terms included with Refund Policy, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and additional guidelines posted on the website aggregate the complete commanding overuse of our Website or any prior agreements, if any, relating to any subject dispensed within this Agreement.