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Want to be an expert in UiPath RPA tool? Your go-to training is the Robotic Process Automation so that you can drive the RPA initiatives in the organization. Then in this course, you will master key concepts of RPA using UiPath and will groom yourself for developer certification

Instructor-led Robotic Process Automation using UiPath live online classes.

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What You'll gain

Comprehensive understanding of RPA and its working prinipals
Workflow and life cycle of RPA using UiPath
Automate business processes like Citrix application, Desktop application and Windows applications
Master User Events, Recorder and Scraping methods
Real-time hands-on exposure to UiPath solutions
Learn best industrial practices from experts


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  • Introduction to RPA
  • RPA Growth trends
  • Different RPA tools
  • Install UiPath Community Edition
  • Overview of UiPath
  • Types of Projects
  • Sequence and Flowchart
  • State Machine
  • Demonstration of UI Automation
  • System Activities
  • Data Variable & its scope
  • Different Control flow
  • Understand User Event
  • Recorder & Different types of recording
  • Perform Scrapping
  • Introduction to Workflow activities
  • Understand Orchestrator
  • Perform Citrix Automation
  • Perform Data Manipulation
  • Perform PDF Automation
  • Debug Workflow
  • Try, Catches and Blocks

RPA Course Description

As such, there is no prerequisite. The tool is a simple drag and drop with a set of blocks in the automation process.

But to master the course, you must have a basic understanding of flowchart and logical understanding of the project.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is automating processes across multiple business application. It can be intelligently be trained to analyze large amounts of data from software processes and translate them to trigger for new actions, responses, and communication with other systems.

RPA is described as a software development toolkit that allows engineers to quickly create software robots (knows as ‘Bots’) to automate rules-driven business processes.

At the core, an RPA system imitates human interventions that interact with internal IT systems. It is a non-invasive application that requires minimum integration with the existing IT setup while delivering productivity by replacing human effort to complete the task.

UiPath is the leading Robotic Process Automation tool used for windows desktop automation which provides a complete software platform so that the organizations can run efficiently and effectively through the automated business process. The UiPath is proven to deliver 40% faster automation design and deployment where it is not only easy to try but also to learn and collaborate. It can be said that the digital transformation is through UiPath because the software solution enables the automation of the back office repetitive task which makes the tedious and lethargic tasks into a complete UI automation. It makes the work of businesses easier and faster.

UiPath caters to an open platform where the extensible platform features ample built-in, shareable, customizable activities and also deep integrations with the ERP, AI technologies and BPM. UiPath comprises of three main products:

  1. UiPath Studio: Through this advanced tool, one can design the automation process in an interactive and visual manner through the diagrams
  2. UiPath Robot: This executes the processes built in the studio and is done as a human would have done. The robots in this can work unattended i.e. without any human supervision in any environment, either virtually or non-virtually. The robot can also work as attended i.e. where the human triggers the processor or supervision is required.
  3. UiPath Orchestrator: This is a web-based application which enables to schedule, deploy, manage and monitor the Robots and processes, where the business exception handling is made available through the centralized work queues.

Any user interfaces can be automated with all the RPA tools. The user interface automation in the desktop applications are said to fasten the human operations. A detailed study of the UiPath User Interface Automation is thus essential so that proper knowledge can be gained on it.

OCR stands for Optimized Character Recognition where it converts the images to texts. UiPath is eminently known for its OCR feature where it performs the related activities in an efficient manner when compared to other automation tools.

Through the RPA tools, the automation is not only easy but also effective. By using UiPath, the operations with Email get automated in all possible ways.

Whenever there is any dealing with the structure data, there can be no avoidance of excel in any stage of work which is the reason why Excel is essential for a business. This is when Excel automation comes into the picture which can be done using the UiPath tool which is considered as the next level of Macro’s in Excel. A detailed study of this aspect is very essential.

The USP of UiPath is that it is able to connect with multiple environments and do the automation process. For instance, if the process is working with the data copied from the Citrix server, it can be automated using the UiPath. The UiPath keeps on increasing by its team where it is much compatible with Citrix, SAP and also the mainframe applications. Since it is the most successful tool, it has the following features:

  1. There can be a deployment option across Cloud, terminal services and virtual machines.
  2. There is an availability of the virtual and enterprise applications compatibility
  3. There is rapid development support, rule-based execution handling, work queues, and elasticity in scalability
  4. There are governance and security, which further includes:
  • Role-based release actions
  • Staging and production environment for compliance and QA
  • Availability of UI security, which includes auto login and auto lock features
  • There is a centralized repository of execution logs, version control and credentials

It is emphasized on a greater aspect that in order to implement RPA, one needs to understand its aspect at the lowest level, which comprises of the working instructions. For one to build an effective RPA script, it is essential for one to have skills which will enable one to understand and decrypt a business process so that there are perfect harmonization and optimization.

The business analysts come in this aspect where the business approaches them on a first-hand basis because they understand the process in order to build the user stories and then it is handed over to the RPA developers. In another context, the business analysts can become the RPA developers so that it is doable in one go.

When talking about careers, it can be said that there is a demand for developers who have the RPA skill set. These developers are laid with an abundant opportunity of being hired in top multinational companies where there is a 120% hike from their current package.

According to the Forrester Wave 2017 Q1[1] report, the UiPath is one of the top 5 RPA implementation tools in the IT market. The UiPath is under the strong tool category which is said to highly impact the project intake and hence, in turn, paves way for UiPath careers. The top and the mid-level companies which hire these individuals include Accenture, Wipro, Prodapt, TCS, CTS, etc.

The average salary of the RPA Developer is of $92,213, according to

It is in this context that the UiPath certification is essential for those who are interested in the field. If the candidate has 2-3 years of experience without any experience of the stream, they are considered to be employable if they have path certification or the robotics certification. When the individual gains considerate amount of experience by gaining more knowledge through UI path certification or automation tester certification, and has 5 years of working experience, then the candidates are hired as developers with RPA skill set, process associates with RPA skill set, etc.

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