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High Level MDM-UW Desktop Impact

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Existing Components:
1. MDM Mappings and configurations
2. MDM web service (establish party, register party, retrieve party)
Impacted Components:
1. Source (Company data) to pre-landing mapping
2. Pre-landing to Salesforce specific MDM Landing tables
3. Back feed component will load the file with Salesforce source ID, Enterprise ID and DUNS Number in batch.
4. Separate process to send the back feed file to Salesforce – TBD
5. Real time notification needs to be enabled for Salesforce. This might require change in Salesforce and ZSOA.
6. Change in MDM match token generation configuration for Canada records (including but not limited to change in data model to add SIP_POP column– Party, party postal address for fuzzy columns, MDM Mapping changes, match rule changes etc)
7. Data Cleansing, standardizing and Postal address validation business rules for Canada records
1. Source is assumed to be File and it will have account information
2. Back feed schedule will be same as current back feed process for other source systems
3. Existing back feed to Salesforce will continue to exist
4. Canada postal file for data quality tool and population file for MDM are available