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        A Workday is a software that specializes in Human Capital Management and Financial Management applications. Its Composite Reporting tool, released in 2014, provided multidimensional financial and operational reporting and analytics designed to be scalable in large enterprises.
The Workday software received emphasis originally, but the company has worked over the years to make its financial software more competitive with other ERP systems by adding budgeting, planning, and analytics features, as well as support for larger enterprises.

What is Workday?

       Workday is a cloud-based software vendor that deals with HCM, ERP, and Financial Management applications. Workday delivers an all-in-one package that’s designed for medium-to-large-sized companies. Workday delivers services, applications, and technology to more than 40,000 organizations.
Workday has added other components of HCM, talent management, and finance to its suite, and it released versions for specialized markets, such as higher education and government.
Workday has features like,
• Payroll management
• Time tracking
• Human resource management (HRM)
• Talent management
• Data analysis and more

Features of Workday:
       Workday was developed on a disruptive concept that brings people to the center of enterprise software. Employees, managers, and recruiters can access information anywhere, anytime on mobile, tablet, and desktop using Workday Software.

Below mentioned are some major features of Workday:

Human Resource Management (HRM):
       Human Resource Management allows companies to manage and organize their workforce more effectively. In addition to self-service functionality for employees and managers, other features include compensation management and absence management.

       Recruiting solution helps organizations to find, share, engage, and select the best internal and external candidates for their organization. Users can also analyze what positions are open or what specific types of candidates they’re looking for and then create recruiting strategies based on real-time data.

       Workday’s Payroll allows users to make multiple payroll calculations, perform batch calculations either by group or workers, have flexibility with earnings and deductions, and run audit reports.
Users can use the local payroll service in the desired country while accessing payroll data via the Workday application.

Time Tracking:
       Workday makes it easy for employees to track their time, whether they log in and log out using a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. And for companies that do require physical time clocks, those can integrate with Workday via an API, to overcome the issues.

Talent Management:
       Talent management includes tools to improve managing, developing and rewarding employees. It contains functions perfect for management, including onboarding, goal management, performance management, succession planning, and career and development planning.

       This solution helps industries to manage their benefits plans to meet their unique business needs. Cloud Connect for Benefits includes a pre-built integration catalog to many different providers and automatically takes employee information data from Workday HCM.

What Kind of Companies Use Workday?

       From mid-sized companies to Fortune 50 enterprises, thousands of organizations in industries as diverse as healthcare, education, manufacturing, finance, technology, and retail use Workday.
Here are some of their most notable companies:
• Amazon
• Netflix
• Bank of America
• Hewlett Packard Enterprise
• The Ohio State University

Why choose Workday? or Benefits of Workday?

       Workday will improve HR and Payroll compliance, which reduces risk, provide better data for decision making, and increase efficiencies across the institution. It will also enable people across the company to work more efficiently by having consistent, streamlined, and modern practices.
• Workday enables 24/7 access to information over a secure network.
• It provides easy-to-access for routine personnel items and to make information updates.
• It gives executives, managers, and administrators ready access to current information about their teams.
• Workday simplifies and automates the entry of academic personnel to ensure correct track and rank are entered into the system.
• It eliminates the need to build and maintain side and departmental shadow systems.
• Continually introduces new HR and payroll features and capabilities through Workday software.
• It works on PCs and Macs.
• Has been successfully implemented, or is being implemented, in other higher educational institutions.

Workday Products:
       Workday has various products that are suitable for large and medium – scale enterprise requirements.
Following are the different Workday products:

1. Financial Management
       Workday offers financial efficiency with the command over the functions like procurement, reporting, projects, accounting through cloud ERP software. Without disrupting the business, we can make changes to reporting and process.

2. Human Capital Management
       For handling HR functions such as recruiting, planning, and providing visibility to our workforce, we use the HCM(Human Capital Management) module of Workday. It assists us in handling the lifecycle of our workers.

3. Analytics
       The analytics solution of Workday transforms the data into understanding and can apply for making data-driven decisions. Prism Analytics and People Analytics are the characteristics of Workday Analytics solutions.

4. Enterprise Planning
       Workday allows executing, planning, and analyzing the process through Workday Adaptive Planning. It essentially raises the business performance. It mainly depends on the Workforce planning, Financial planning, and Elastic Hypercube technology of the Workday ERP.

Application of Workday?

1. Accounting and Financial Reporting helps you to manage your global financial processes easily, and efficiently from a single, unified solution.

2. Revenue Management covers the entire contract to-cash process for more efficient, accurate processes and accounting results.

3. Project and Work Management seamlessly links strategy, people, work, and results.

4. Procurement supports and manages all procurement information, policies, and processes, from requisition to payment.

5. Expenses give your workforce the ability to easily capture expenses on the go. Use this tool to improve control and management of corporate spending.

Future of Workday:

       Workday is reinventing business applications to help organizations that can run more effectively. If your organization is feeling constricted by legacy systems, consider the advantages you can reap by adopting a unified suite of cloud business applications.

       The Workforce planning and analytics module of Workday offers complete dynamic and actionable pictures of the talent demand and supply. This module enables the businesses to make the best decisions.
With an innovative, fresh foundation and a cloud delivery model, Workday can grow and adapt to your organization over time. Leave behind the legacy systems of the past and forge into the future with Workday.


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