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SailPoint Interview Questions

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There are many applications in the market today that include an IDM solution for business applications. So, what’s new with IdentityIQ from Sailpoint? The key is in its method of providing a solution. Existing IDM solutions are IT-centric, and their effectiveness is largely dependent on the IT helpdesk and technical team.

SailPoint was founded in 2005 but is one of an increasing number of vendors peddling similar solutions – companies like Okta, OneLogin, Ping Identity, along with solutions from the larger players like Salesforce and Oracle all broadly compete in the space.

Overview of SailPoint IdentityIQ[ sailpoint interview questions ]

Sailpoint needs to migrate as many identities and access procedures as possible from the IT technical team to end-users, reducing the team’s dependence. As a whole, we may claim that this software is more business-oriented than other IDM products. In comparison to current IDM products, which have different interfaces with various meanings, it has a single-use interface.

Sailpoint IdentityIQ is a single approach that combines provisioning and enforcement capabilities. As a matter of fact, this IDM product will handle all aspects of identity and access management, including “access certifications,” “policy enforcement,” “account provisioning,” and “user life-cycle management.

Introduction of Sailpoint[ sailpoint interview questions ]:

Sailpoint is an automated version of Identity management, as it reduces the cost and complications encountered by the users and provides access to the users. Sailpoint is a lightweight movable application. It has superior features when compared with identity management, hence called identity management solution.

Sailpoint is a platform that allows users to create a marketing plan and execute it automatically. This marketing platform consists of media planning, measuring, analytics, sailpoint interview questions enriched content extraction, and much more.

This allows access-related practices to be implemented systematically through enterprise, security policy, role, and risk models. To simplify access certifications, policy enforcement, and end-to-end access request and provisioning procedures.

Who are SailPoint competitors?
sailpoint interview questions
Below are few competitors to SailPoint are,
• Oracle.
• IBM.
• Okta.
• Microsoft.
• RSA.
• One Identity.
• ForgeRock.
• SAP.

What are the alternatives of Sailpoint?

Okta: Okta is one of the latest Lifecycle Management identity systems which is on the cloud. It helps in the automation of multiple products which in turn increases IT processes efficiency and streamlines access decisions within an organization.

We are a product-based company( sailpoint interview questions ) and have multiple users access the product all around the globe. Okta was the perfect solution for us as we handle a lot of sensitive data for which Access will vary from person to person.

FORGEROCK: ForgeRock helps to manage multiple identities across servers, databases, cloud resources to make sure that relationships, schemas, and various identity objects are defined.

It helps to make sure to provide protection against bot attacks and make sure there is an unauthorized user who gives access to sensitive information in an organization. It has great performance and existing features to take the workload of the IT team.

Fischer: Fischer is great identity management and governance platform that helps to provide restricted access to users based on their roles and identity mapped in the system.

It helps to ensure that access-related compliances are managed and provides provisioning of access that helps mitigate risks. Finally, sailpoint interview questions is a great solution that can be hosted on-premise or cloud and helps provide data integrity management features.

Oracle: It is a very capable enterprise scalable Identity Management cloud solution. Customizable approval workflows that can be integrated into the user entitlements provisioning, interactive dashboards that give real-time snapshots as to overall system health and utilization, and role-based access control capabilities allow users to be provisioned based on common roles. The system also has powerful reporting tools that allow audit investigations to be completed quickly and efficiently.

Components of SailPoint Identity IQ:

SailPoint Identity IQ is for managing Identities in any enterprise organization. Sailpoint has a very clean and customizable interface which was developed on Java.
sailpoint interview questions
SailPoint mainly needs three components:
1. Application Server
2. Database
3. Web Server

Application Server:

SailPoint supports almost all kinds of Java-based application servers, Java-based application servers are required because the interface which the end-user will be using was developed on Java Server Faces and XHTML.
Identity IQ war file will be deployed on one of the supported java based application servers. Updating the war files may cause issues during the upgrade.


SailPoint supports all major databases, Identity IQ uses a database to store objects. All the user identities, application information, role information, etc will be stored in the database.

SailPoint provides an Identity IQ schema (Script) that users need to run on a database to create tables that are supported by IQ.

Web Server:

Web Server is not a mandatory component but can be used to proxy application servers instead of exposing application servers directly.

Adding a web server provides additional security to the architecture and can be used to Load Balance and Failover.

Sailpoint IdentityIQ Phases:
sailpoint interview questions
Below mentioned are the few phases of Sailpoint IIQ,
• Generation Phase
• Active Phase
• Challenge Phase
• Sign Off Phase
• Remediation\Revocation Phase
• End Phase

1. Generation Phase:

The phases are determined by the combination of parameter values. Parameters such as certification owner, certification frequency, notification scenarios, and other related parameters are specified during this process.

2. Active Phase:

The certifiers are expected to make their decisions during the Active process.If any delegations are needed, they must be done within this phase.

3. Challenge Phase:

When the Active Period ends, the Challenge Phase begins. A user whose access is affected by a reviewer’s decision will appeal the decision during the challenge phase.

4. Sign-Off Phase:

At the end of the Challenge phase, the Sign Off phase begins. Reviewers will no longer make changes to Access Reviews after pressing the Sign Off button.

The next step will be either the Revocation phase of the End phase, depending on the criteria chosen in the generation phase.

5. Remediation/Revocation Phase:

Using the provisioning process, remediation activities are done on the source application during this phase.

When a Revocation Period is allowed, IdentityIQ keeps track of the status of remediation requests; when it isn’t, remediation requests are sent for processing but aren’t monitored.

In most cases, remediation entails writing emails and generating work items for resource owners to take action.

6. End Phase:

When all Phases configured for the Access Review have reached their expiration dates or when all activities needed for the procedure have been completed, the Access Review enters its End Phase.

End Phase can begin only after all remediation requests have been met or when the Revocation Period’s end date has passed if a Revocation Period is activated.


SailPoint handles the dynamic protection and enforcement problems, from provisioning users on Day 1 to automating the helpdesk requests, so your people can function freely while your applications are stable.

Sailpoint is now inspiring companies more than ever before, due to the added intelligence of AI and machine learning. Predictive Identity from SailPoint enables people to do their best work

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