SailPoint Training

104 Duration: 25 Hours

SailPoint's identity management solutions provide the complete view of who is performing what, what kind of risk that represents, and allows you to perform action. It links people, applications, data and devices to build an identity-enabled enterprise providing the control to choose appropriate solutions to advance your business ahead.

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Accenture, Capgemini, HCL, Dell, Wipro, Quess corp and many more top IT companies prefer Sailpoint Identity IQ certification

Sailpoint serves hundreds of global companies deliver user access from any device to data & applications residing in the data center, in the cloud securely & effectively

While lowering costs by letting users request access and manage passwords from any device Identity IQ boosts productivity

The average annual salary for Sailpoint professional ranges from approximately $52,272 - $115,073 (

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    • 1.1 IdentityIQ Global Settings
    • 1.2 IdentityIQ Configuration
    • 1.3 Login Configuration
    • 1.4 Identity Mappings
    • 1.5 Account Mappings
    • 1.6 Account Attributes
    • 1.7 Application Attributes
    • 1.8 Entitlement Catalog Attributes
    • 1.9 Quicklink Populations
    • 1.10 FormsRole Configuration
    • 1.11 Scopes
    • 1.12 Time Periods
    • 1.13 Audit Configuration
    • 1.14 Electronic Signatures
    • 1.15 Host Configuration
    • 1.16 Import From File
    • 1.17 Compliance Manager
    • 2.1 Lifecycle Manager Configuration
    • 2.2 Configuring Full-Text Searching
    • 2.3 Creating Direct Links to IdentityIQ
    • 3.1 Edit Application Page
    • 3.2 Application Re?configuration
    • 3.3 Activity Data Source Configuration
    • 3.4 Activity Data Source Configuration
    • 3.5 Native Change Detection Configuration
    • 4.1 Managing QuickLinks
    • 4.2 QuickLinkOption
    • 4.3 DynamicScope
    • 5.1 Activity Target Categories
    • 5.2 Add Targets to Activity Category
    • 6.1 Accessing the Templates
    • 6.2 Importing Email Templates into IdentityIQ
    • 6.3 Associating Templates with Events
    • 6.4 Email Template XML
    • 6.5 Apache Velocity Engine
    • 6.6 Incorporating VTL in Email Template XML
    • 6.7 Rules to Test Templates and Email Configuration
    • 7.1 KeyStore Console Commands
    • 7.2 Encrypted Data Synchronization
    • 7.3 Using IdentityIQ KeyStore
    • 8.1 Recording Provisioning Requests
    • 8.2 Processing Provisioning Requests
    • 8.3 Updating the Identity Cube
    • 8.4 Summary of Workflows, Tasks, and Rules in Provisioning
    • 10.1 Terminology
    • 10.2 Important Workflow Objects
    • 10.3 Workflows Operation
    • 10.4 Triggering Workflows
    • 10.5 IdentityIQ Default Workflows
    • 11.1 Creating and Editing Workflows
    • 11.2 Process Editor Tabs
    • 12.1 Accessing the XML
    • 12.2 Dollar?Sign Reference Syntax
    • 12.3 XML Content
    • 12.4 Workflow Library Methods
    • 12.5 Monitoring Workflows
    • 13.1 Loops within Workflows
    • 13.2 Launching Workflows from a Task or Workflow
    • 13.3 Workflow Forms
    • 14.1 Specifying Custom Forms
    • 14.2 Components of a Form Definition
    • 14.3 Form Examples
    • 14.4 Form Models
    • 15.1 Identity Risk Score Configuration
    • 15.2 Application Risk Score Configuration
    • 16.1 Configuring Partitioning Request Objects
    • 17.1 Tasks Page
    • 17.2 Working with Tasks
    • 17.3 Task Results
    • 17.4 Task Types
    • 17.5 Scheduled Tasks
    • 17.6 Working with Schedules
    • 17.7 Account Group Aggregation
    • 17.8 Account Aggregation, Data Export
    • 17.9 Entitlement Role Generator
    • 18.1 Role Modeling
    • 18.2 Multiple Role and Account Assignment
    • 19.1 Policies Page
    • 19.2 Edit Policy Page
    • 19.3 Policy Rules
    • 19.4 Working with Policies
    • 20.1 Work Item Administration
    • 20.2 How to Assign Work Items from the Work Items Page
    • 20.3 Work Item Archive
    • 21.1 Launching the Console
    • 21.2 Viewing the List of Command
    • 21.3 Command Syntax, Syntax for Redirecting Command Output
    • 22.1 Report Terminology
    • 23.1 Reports Tab
    • 23.2 Edit Report Page
    • 23.3 My Reports Tab, Scheduled Reports Tab
    • 23.4 XML Representation of Reports and Instances
    • 24.1 Report as a TaskDefinition
    • 24.2 Report Definition
    • 24.3 Report Forms
    • 25.1 Group Examples
    • 25.2 Populations Tab
    • 25.3 Workgroups Tab
    • 27.1 Using Workgroups
    • 27.2 Workgroup Creation
    • 28.1 Creating Populations
    • 28.2 Creating Groups
    • 28.3 Group and Population Definitions in XML
    • 28.4 Using Populations and Groups
    • 29.1 Enabling Password Management in IdentityIQ
    • 29.2 Configuring Applications for Password Management
    • 29.3 Configuring Password Policies for an Application
    • 29.4 Application Change Password Provisioning Policy
    • 29.5 Requesting a Password Change
    • 29.6 Passwords on New Account Requests
    • 29.7 Troubleshooting Password Management with Provisioning Plan Debugging
    • 30.1 IdentityIQ Password Configuration
    • 30.2 dentityIQ Password Policy

On successful Completion of your project, Asha24 approves you as a Sailpoint Expert. Asha24's Sailpoint certification is recognized in Top IT & MNC Companies.

With the Sailpoint Certification, you can apply for the following roles

 1. SailPoint Identity IQ Developer

2. SailPoint Architect

3. SailPoint Implementation Engineer

4. Sailpoint Development Team leader

5. Sr. Sailpoint IIQ Developer

I am a Certified Corporate Trainer and a Certified Business Professional accredited by the IBTA Worldwide, having 13+ years of experience in training and development. My mission is to help focus on what can be done best to improve others lives. I am lucky enough to offer hands to hundreds of trainee in their professional career and nurture their interpersonal skills.

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